By: Savannah Smith | 01-17-2017 | News
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Obamas Could Not Resist Taking One Final ' Bonus' Vacation

Outgoing President Barack Obama is rewarding himself and his family a nice vacation in sunny Palm Springs right after he turns over the control of the White House to President-elect Donald Trump on Friday, January 20.

And it seems the Obamas are simply itching to give themselves one last bonus vacation right on the same day Obama formally ends his 8-year term. Sources revealed to TMZ that the whole family including daughters Malia and Sasha will depart Andrews Air Force base on Friday afternoon to board the Special Air Mission 29,000 to take them to the famous vacation spot. It's the same plane that Obama used as Commander-in-Chief but it will no longer be called Air Force One since he will be departing as private citizen Barack Obama already.

Other sources put the exact time of the excited family's departure at exactly 2:45 p.m. on Friday. Their special ride courtesy of the government and the people's money will be only one -way, however. The Obamas have to take the flight back to Washington where they intend to stay in the next two years on either a chartered or commercial flight. And ideally should privately foot the bill as well. It is unclear whether expenses for their Palm Springs vacation- a favorite destination of celebrities and the rich and fashionable- will be shouldered by the government or if Obama will personally take care of the costs.

Meanwhile, moving vans are busy transferring the family's stuff from the White House to the $4.3 million worth home the Obamas are transferring to, also located in the Washington, D.C, area. The Obamas are leasing the 8,200 square foot home, one that boasts of sprawling space, with separate dressing rooms and his and hers bathrooms, a special entertaining area, and a serene garden. The Obamas said they are staying in the area for at least two more years for the younger daughter's education, although there have been speculations that Obama prefers to stay in the area of influence and power to pay a close watch on Trump.

The Obamas have been previously criticized for their propensity to take expensive vacations as often as they can- all paid of course by the people's taxes. Now that they are about to fade away from the limelight, they could not just resist taking one last "bonus" vacation. Curiously, the conditions for the "bonus" are on their own terms, of course.

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Anonymous No. 1069 2017-01-17 : 11:43

Kind of suspicious for him to make a fast exit like that on that day, especially knowing what is going down. I hope Trump slaps him with the bill for the travel expenses.

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