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Two Navy SEALs Suspected Of Strangling Green Beret

Two Navy SEALs are suspected of murder in the strangling death of an Army Green Beret who was on assignment with them in Mali. Staff Sgt. Logan J. Melgar is a 34-year-old veteran of two Afghanistan deployments and was found dead in the embassy housing he shared in the Malian capital of Bamako. Staff Sgt. Melgar and several other Special Forces were assigned to the West African nation to help train locals and perform their own counter-terrorism missions.

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When Staff Sgt. Melgar was found dead, his superiors in Stuttgart, Germany almost immediately suspected foul play was involved. They dispatched an officer to investigate the scene within 24 hours according to military officials. The Army’s Criminal Investigation Command spent months on the case before finally handing it over to the Navy Criminal Investigative Service. No one has been charged with the death of Staff Sgt. Melgar who military medical examiners say was strangled to death.

Military officials say the death has been ruled a homicide and two Navy SEALs have been put on administrative leave in connection with the investigation. The death has left a rift between SEALs and Green Berets as they speculate that the killing could have been a dispute gone wrong or even whether Staff Sgt. Melgar discovered illegal activity and they silenced him.

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