By: Steve Dellar | 10-29-2017 | News
Photo credit: Newcastle Crown Court

Husband Stabs Wife After Discovery of Pedo Stash

Mr Adam Parking appeared before UK’s Newcastle Crown Court where he was convicted to life imprisonment for killing his wife of 10 years, Ms Julie Parkin, with a kitchen knife at their Sunderland home this year.

Ms Parking has discovered his pedophile stash on his computer and confronted him about it, which caused Mr Parking to take a drastic action. They discussed about it at first and as she sat down in the salon seat crying, he took a 20cm knife from the kitchen and stabbed her 23 times with it. He stabbed her no less than nine times in the neck, three times in the chest and eight in her upper back. One of the injuries was in fact so severe that the tip of the blade broke off and was left in her skull.

Afterwards, Mr Parking ran out and went to the police station where he said: “I need the police. I have just killed my wife. ‘I had something beautiful and I have f***ed it up. She was so sad when she found out what I really am, we were going to split.”

Mr Parking was going on in an uncontrollable rage of emotion as he stood before the police officer at the reception area, the bloody knife still in his hand.

“‘She was so sad when she found out what I really am, we were going to split. She said ‘don’t kill yourself’ but I should have done that, I should have killed myself. There’s something wrong with me.”

Judge Sloan of the Newcastle Crown court therefore sentenced Mr Parking to life in prison with a minimum of 23 years, explaining: “You subjected her to a brutal knife attack. She tried to fight off the blade with her bare hands but to no avail.”


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