By: Savannah Smith | 01-16-2017 | News
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Shootings Marred BPM Festival In Mexico Leaving Four People Feared Dead

Shooting incidents marred the closing night of the BPM Festival in Mexico possibly leaving four people dead.

Apparently, separate or almost simultaneous shootings took place. The first one reportedly occurred at the famous Blue Parrot club in Plaza Del Carmen, Cancun. The suspected gunman reportedly fired through an open window of the club while party people at the scene of the incident at that time tweeted more details of the shooting. Jackmaster, a Scottish DJ playing at the festival, posted on Twitter to say that someone came into the club and opened fire. It has yet to be confirmed but four to five people are feared dead, while injuring several others.

The DJ also sent a Twitter message warning people to just stay in their hotels if they happen to be in BPM. Jackmaster also expressed his sadness over the incident and sent condolences to the victims.

The separate shooting is believed to have also taken place at the nearby The Jungle Club. George de Menezes informed The Independent that his group was in the Blue Parrot nightclub when shots started going off only two meters away from them. No one paid serious attention to the shots at first ,but de Menezes straight away knew that those were gun shots and instinctively dropped to the floor. Others followed suit. The music stopped and so did the shots, and by the time the club-goers stood up including de Menezes, they saw one man down on the floor who appeared to be dead. Another man was hit as well but was struggling to stay on his feet.

The party people's harrowing experience continued when they tried to flee the club and run to the beach ,but heard fresh shots being fired. De Menezes said they again dropped to the ground and the shots just kept going. When they finally reached Main Street, they saw another man dead on the street, and they started to just run for their lives.

De Menezes said he heard more shots on his way to his hotel. He also learned of reports of other shootings at other clubs. He said he is unsure yet if the shootings were related to a terrorist attack, and could only mutter a sigh of relief that the shooter did not target them or fire at them, or else they could all be dead by now. Other party-goers and witnesses of the shooting incidents also took to Twitter to describe what they saw, and to relay to their followers that they are safe from the deplorable act of violence in an otherwise festive event.

Local media reports suggest the shootings were cartel-related , but such angle has yet to be confirmed by authorities.

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