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Texas - Father Shoots Daughter's Boyfriend

An angry father confronted his daughter and her boyfriend at an Arlington shopping centre. After a brief argument he shot the young man before driving both the slain boyfriend and his own daughter over with his truck and proceeding to take his own life with another gunshot.

It all happened as the couple had seen a movie in the Arlington’s Lincoln Square area and were leaving around 10pm. The woman’s father drove up and “confronted them really quickly, and just asked the boyfriend hey what's your name. He responded what his name was, and then he shot him multiple times,” Arlington Police Lieutenant Christopher Cook declared. Afterwards the father got into his car and “he actually backed up after the shooting and went around an aisle and deliberately ran over both of them as they were sitting there.”

Afterwards the father drove off and his own daughter had to testify against him for a police description.

“That's how we were able to get suspect information out so quickly. She knew it was her father, was able to provide us a vehicle description,” Mr Cook continued.

Police then found the father’s lifeless body in a truck with a self-inflicted gunshot wound some five miles away from the crime scene, in the 3400 block of West Division Street.

Mr Soto, the 22 year old murdered boyfriend, was an architecture students at the University of Texas at Arlington.

Mr Jorge Mendez, cousin of the late Mr Soto, has set up a GoFundMe page to help the family pay for the funeral services. Mr Mendez said about his cousin: "He was humble, smart, intelligent, full of life hopes and dreams and on his way to become a great Architect. Unfortunately your life was taken away too soon and all we have now are the wonderful memories we shared together that I and all your family and friends will keep stored in our hearts."


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Anonymous No. 10619 2017-10-30 : 02:25

Gunshot wound some five miles away from the crime scene

Anonymous No. 10620 2017-10-30 : 02:25

He was humble, smart, intelligent

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