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Sadistic and Vile Creature in North Carolina Beats Her 9-Year-Old Son to Death

Sometimes you just have to ask yourself, what the hell is wrong with this world?

Other times, you have to look no further than the images of the person whose actions made you ask that to begin with.

In Fayetteville, North Carolina law enforcement received a call from a guest on the second floor of the Fairfield Inn and Suites at 4249 Ramsey Street Saturday morning about a banging noise coming from the room above her.

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The caller told the dispatcher that it sounded to her as if maybe a woman was being beaten, so Police were dispatched to the scene in a hurry.

After they arrived to the hotel however they were in shock at finding 9-year-old Zamaria Chance unresponsive inside of the hotel room he was sharing alongside his mother Chrystal Matthews.

The child was covered in both bruises and blood, and the boy’s own mother had her son's own blood all over her fists and shirt.

Authorities tried to revive the nine year old but were unable to do so.

She had literally beat the boy to death.

Police then placed the 35 year old woman under arrest for both first degree murder and felony child abuse.

Matthews was then taken to the Cumberland County Detention Center where she was held until a court hearing, where he Judge denied any bond due to the savage nature of her crimes.

The boy’s biological father Kareem Moore Sr. is still in complete shock, saying that the woman he knew would never have done such a thing.

Since finding out what happened, according to him, Matthews family has told him that she suffering from a variety of mental health issues.

Anyone who takes a look at the half bald woman in the mugshot can see she looks as if she's possessed.

"He loved his iPad, playing those games, fidgets," said Kareem Moore Sr. "He was simple. He didn't ask for a whole lot."

Well, he asked to live though, and because of the failures of both parents to properly raise their child he is now forever gone.

Zamarie's older brother, Kareem Moore Jr., remembers the little boy as a shining star.

"He was very smart and had a smile worth a thousand words," Moore Jr. said. "Very loved by both sides of this family and everybody that's ever met him loved him."

"I've known Crystal for years, and the Crystal I knew loved Zamarie," Moore Jr. said. "I'd be wrong to say she didn't.

Family members of Matthews' sent paperwork to Moore that showed the mother of the child had been diagnosed with psychosis last year.

She was taking medication daily to treat anxiety, insomnia, and mental illness.

Kareem Moore Sr. said he didn't know about the mental-health evaluations and said had he known, his son would be alive today.

"My son fought for his life, according to what I heard," Moore Sr. said. "So until that, just us for Zamarie. Not justice, because he didn't get that, but just us."

The tragedy here however is that Moore Sr., like many black fathers clearly wasn't involved with his son's life.

The mother had literally been suffering for over a year and he had no clue about it?

Sounds to me as if the man left his child and is ranting the typical “she didn't do nothing wrong” rhetoric in response versus admitting he didn't step up to the plate for his son.

This is a tragedy, and I hope they don't try a mental health defense.

She deserves to be put down like the animal she is.


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Anonymous No. 10581 2017-10-29 : 14:03

We dont have enough rope.

Inuyashian No. 10598 2017-10-30 : 00:13

Funny how you keep referring to the people of color in your news feed as vile creatures. Is this a Nazi news site? It has the feel of one.

Anonymous No. 10631 2017-10-30 : 04:53


Anonymous No. 10703 2017-10-30 : 23:32

You are on target about Moore Sr. He is not involved with his third child.

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