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In Florida a Haitian Migrant Is Sentenced to Death for Slashing the Throats of Five Children

A tragic case of violent murder in Florida that's spanned several years has finally reached the final chapter, after the violent criminal savage migrant responsible for taking the lives of five innocent children and their mother has been sentenced to death.

Eight years ago Haitian born Mesac Damas walked into the town house where his wife and kids were sleeping and slashed their throats in a violent fashion ending their lives through bloodshed and pain, and it all happened in the town of Naples, Florida.

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The 41 year old Damas never denied killing the children or his wife, often times saying that he was possessed by the devil who made him do it.

The case has been caught up in the courts for years, after the last Judge recused himself from the case amidst violent outburst from Damas throughout the many hearings, and a deeply disturbed man who threatened everyone in the courtroom including reports on different occasions.

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In Naples, this story has had it's fair share of media excitement. Of course even as horrific as the case is the mainstream media won't pick it up, and never did, because it's a black man who's a migrant from Haiti who murdered five children and an adult female.

It simply wouldn't fit their evil white man narrative, or their efforts to attack a Muslim on behalf of their financiers.

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No, black or migrant crimes unless something that is involving a manhunt or an active shooter that they simply cannot avoid covering they will ignore entirely.

Collier Circuit Judge Christine Greer read from Damas’ statement to Collier County Sheriff’s Office detectives about the many voices he said that he heard the night of the killings, including the “bad spirits” that made him kill, and the Voodoo spell that he believed he was under at the hands of his mother-in-law.

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For those who don't know, Haitians actively practice and meddle in Voodoo; it's just a common part of the culture.

He had began acting at out the home he claimed, with violent outbursts and breaking furniture and dishes along with attacking his wife, all of which he said was due to the demonic possession at the hands of the Voodoo spell.

His wife became fearful and had planned to separate from him, at which resulted in the final solution to his problem.

“Only death would separate us,” Damas once told his wife. “Divorce me, I fucking kill you.”

“With a 12-person jury, it takes only one holdout to prevent the death penalty,” said James Ermacora, one of Damas’ lawyers.

Judge Greider would be the final decision maker however, and as an arbiter of justice in her career in the bench, the defense lawyers faced an uphill battle in order to avoid a death sentence for the attorneys.

However that is what Damas had claimed for years that he wanted, was to die so he could be with his family again.

“From the first day of this case, we thought the death penalty was the appropriate sentence,” Chief Assistant State Attorney Amira Fox said after Friday’s hearing, always pushing for the ultimate justice for the heinous acts of the vile creature.

Danas had been seemingly on a suicide mission, and his lawyers received very little cooperation from him as they tried to defend him in a court of law to save his life.

Some days he wouldn’t even speak to them at all, and on others he threw objects at them or tried to have them removed from the case so he could represent himself.

He waived his right to a jury, or to have any mitigating evidence at all presented on his behalf.

In Damas’ mind, he wanted to die. He believed it was the proper punishment, or so he had said.

See after he horrifically killed his family Damas fled the United States back to Haiti.

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Apparently he thought he could avoid prosecution in doing so, and he was on the run for a long time before he was finally captured and extradited back into the United States to stand trial.

When he returned to the US he was caught coming out of a courtroom by reporters from the local news, where he said the following:

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According to Damas him leaving the Christian faith before the killings that had left him even more vulnerable to a demonic attack or hex as a result of the voodoo he says his wife's mother placed upon him.

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During the trial that was addressed, although Damas wouldn't allow any physical evidence to defend himself.

The Judge however didn't buy the Voodoo claims, saying that it was a well orchestrated and carefully planned killing of six innocents, five of which were so small they never had a chance.

9 year old Michzach, 6 year old Marven, 5 year old Maven, 3 year old Megan, and 1 year old Morgan all died at the hands of their father who used a long blade to physically slice their throats tearing into their esophagus with extreme force.

His wife, 32 year old Guerline Dieu Damas would be killed in the same fashion just prior to her children.

Collier County Sheriff Kevin Rambosk said that the murders were “the most horrific killings ever witnessed in his career”, something that stunned the city of Naples.

Greider spoke of the preparation involved J the killings including the 55 yards of duct tape used in the events that ended in a mass murder of his family, which is more than half a football field in length.

Damas used to bind his wife before threatening to kill the children in front of her.

He ultimately killed her first while they slept before individually slashing each one of their throats.

She said the evidence shows Damas is uncooperative, manipulative and deceitful.

“The aggravating factors proved beyond a reasonable doubt in this case outweigh the mitigating circumstances reasonably established by the evidence and warrant that the defendant, Mesac Damas, be sentenced to death,” Greider said, showing little emotion.

“Realistically, I don’t think we expected it to go a different way,” said Ermacora, who called the death penalty a “barbaric anachronism” that serves no societal purpose.

“When you look at this case, if you have the death penalty and it’s the law, it’s hard to come up with a more compelling case for the imposition of the death penalty.”

In the end, Damas was sentenced to 6 death sentences, one for each of the children and one for his wife.

There is no real justice here however, since the family of the children and his wife will never see their loved ones again.

It only further underscores that actual savages,like Damas, can never mesh into society and civilization in America.

People like him simply do not belong, and they should not be welcomed.

I hope he burns in hell for all eternity.


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