By: Lawrence Snyder | 01-16-2017 | News
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Obama Pushing U.S. to War with Russia Before Trump’s Inauguration

Days before Donald Trump’s inauguration, it seems Barack Obama is doing everything that he can to derail the incoming leader’s presidency. With his decisions to deploy U.S. troops in Poland and Lithuania, Obama is sending the country on a warpath against Russia.

Last week, as part of a major NATO deployment, the U.S sent about 4,000 soldiers in Poland, which marks the first time that the country stationed a large number of soldiers in Eastern Europe.

As stated in press releases, the move is part of the NATO’s military exercises that will be conducted across Europe. But, the glaring message regarding this deployment is that the U.S. and the international alliance are willing to flex their military powers in front of Russia, a country that some lawmakers are already calling as the biggest threat to the U.S.

Aside from the deployment in Poland, Obama’s administration is also planning to move soldiers in Lithuania before the end of January, according to Zero Hedge.

Obama’s decision to scatter U.S. troops in Eastern Europe can be seen as a provocation of Russia. More importantly, these are happening within the early days of Trump’s presidency. If the U.S. continues to aggravate Russia, Trump will certainly have a hard time mending the already souring relationship between the two countries.

This continued provocation is an obvious attempt by Obama to sabotage Trump’s incoming administration by pushing into war against the U.S. Aside from the fact that he issued the deployments just days before Trump’s inauguration, Obama previously believed that Russia is not a threat to the country.

Back in 2012, he contradicted Mitt Romney’s statement about Russia being a threat to the U.S.’ national security. He also stated that the Cold War between these two countries has been over for 20 years. But, as seen during the previous month's, Obama suddenly changed his perspective on Russia.

Now that Russia is a threat in his eyes, Obama has been using his position to impose sanctions and enforce military deployments against President Vladimir Putin’s country.

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Matthew pullen No. 1055 2017-01-16 : 08:47

First his name is berry., Second ,a forign exchange student ,islam and sharia are banned on american shores law 414 ,1952, he obama has declared war on America

Anonymous No. 1077 2017-01-18 : 09:59

Truly frightening

Anonymous No. 1078 2017-01-18 : 10:01

Where does he plan to be if this were to happen??

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