By: Steve Dellar | 10-27-2017 | News
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Opinion - Who killed JFK?

As a European, I am mostly an onlooker in this matter. It must be different if you’re of US origin.

This morning one of my local newspapers sent me a funny quiz on the subject which I aced quite easily as my interest, and that of many European individuals for that matter, in this high-stakes murder has never subsided. Most of us grew up asking the question: what if the man who was going to create ‘Avalon’ in the US had not been shot? What would the world look like then?

Though I feel that certain acts of the recent 100 years of US history were not conspiracies as many do believe (Las Vegas, Waco), some are indeed so blatantly in your face happening on days when everything seems to fall in place for the suspected conspirators (9/11 and JFK) and no one seems to be able to respond in time to these acts, that in the case of JFK I agree with 60% of the American public on this and state that this was probably a conspiracy.

My humble guess is that he rubbed too many people the wrong way and that those in ‘real’ power decided it would be better to get rid of him before he did too much harm.

I follow the Mr. X conspiracy theory in Oliver Stone’s JFK for that matter. Having worked myself for rich Europeans over the past few decades I saw first-hand what power does to the human psyche, and how you become unable to reason or admit you are wrong in any argument once you get paid a ton of money. This is what the greenback does once you receive a multiple of the average working joe.

Anyone who runs a company and makes millions per year would in my view consider killing anyone who stands in their way. Your mind tends to work differently, the ego needs to be satisfied and all.

For solving the JFK mystery, best indeed would be to look at the most important question: who benefited afterward?

Will you ever know who did it? No. I don’t think so. I believe that if you have the power to kill the US president, you can also get rid of all the evidence.

Furthermore, people lining the hallways of the Pentagon or CEO’s of defense companies aren’t really the ones you want to rub the wrong way. Nor is it the industry you can ever shut down anymore. At this point in time, it would be easier to stop US banking sector than it is to stop the US military.

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Jake No. 10479 2017-10-28 : 07:56

Anti-mutant, magneto tried to stop the bullet it was too late..


Anonymous No. 10481 2017-10-28 : 08:57

53 years ago this happened. YES! America has long knew a political coverup (DC Swamp) was done. But everyone knows there is no reason with 25 years prior notice of release and public demands that these document should not be ready for release.

I am betting I'll never live to see ALL the documents, because it seems too many rich and powerful families and elitists have to much to hide from America.

Anonymous No. 10483 2017-10-28 : 09:02

BTW: Trump now has a major political bargaining chip against the Social Democrats and certain power brokers. I wonder what names will popup in a negative way if the document are released in April 2018. But they do have almost 6 months to ████ names & companies involved.

Anonymous No. 10495 2017-10-28 : 13:29

10483 - Trump now has a major political bargaining chip against the Social Democrats and certain power brokers - So true.

Anonymous No. 10580 2017-10-29 : 13:47

Too late! Trump released the full set of documents, and Hillarys 33k emails!

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