By: Savannah Smith | 01-15-2017 | News
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Clinton Foundation Layoffs Workers On The Brink Of Closing Down

It looks like the fiercely-contested 2016 U.S. presidential election has not only resulted into the death of the once illustrious political career of Democrat Hillary Clinton with her crushing defeat to Republican Donald Trump, but has also pushed the Clinton Foundation on the brink of death itself. That is, if it is not dead yet with strong signs that its New York office could be practically closing down with the announcement that it is laying off workers.

The Clinton Foundation has filed a Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification or WARN as mandated by the Department of Labor. The organization has informed the New York Labor Board of a "plant layoff" where 22 employees will be affected. The lay off date will be in effect on April 15 this year, with a specification that the affected workers are not represented by a union. The reason stated for the dislocation is the discontinuation of the Clinton Global Initiative. Veronika Shiroka is named as the contact person. She is listed as the Director of Employee Relations at the Clinton Foundation, a separate research reveals.

It remains unclear if the layoff of the 22 workers from the Clinton Foundation will result to more layoffs of the organization's once 200-strong staff or if the foundation would just move its operations from its New York office to a new location, or if it would entirely fold up soon. After all, the Clinton family-run foundation classified as " social advocacy organization" continues to wrestle with grave challenges and difficulties.

For one, the FBI is continuing its probe of corruption charges against the foundation emanating from conflict of interest and pay-to-play allegations during Hillary's tenure as secretary of state. It was reported in November after the victory of President-elect Donald Trump that 10 FBI officers are working full time on the Clinton Foundation probe. The organization jointly run by the father and daughter tandem of former president Bill and ex first daughter Chelsea Clinton was also reported to have received massive donations from foreign dictators and despots

from countries with dubious human rights violations and criminal records who desperately wanted to buy access to Hillary Clinton during her term as secretary of state through the foundation.

The Clinton Foundation practically allowed itself to serve as money laundering operation which permitted the entry of unlimited foreign money into the American political process and sold American government interests to the highest political bidder. Such was the extent of the corruption and treason of the foundation.

Its major donors have also recently totally pulled out or adversely cut its past generous contributions making it a challenge, if not nearly impossible, for the foundation to continue its operations. Australia for one entirely cut its donations to the foundation while the previously benevolent Norway slashed its contributions by 87%.

Happy days are certainly over for the Clintons and the foundation. Now, it's payback time as the wheels of justice rolls and runs after them.

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Anonymous No. 1104 2017-01-21 : 02:31

a fair trial next

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