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Florida Man Charged after Barbaric Mutilation of Innocent Dog

Law enforcement Tallahassee say they're in complete disgust after what a Florida Man did to his innocent dog.

The Tallahassee Police Department say they received an emergency 911 call about a black man who was violently beating his dog in full display of neighbors in his backyard in a case of animal cruelty that lasted about 15 minutes straight.

The official probable cause document shows that an officer was dispatched to 500 Chapel Drive where he spoke with the complainant at first, before heading to the suspect’s home.

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One the suspect, 21 year old Fritzner Julian opened the door he shocked the officer by asking if he was there to inquire about the dog; as if he knew.

When the police officer looked down at the dog, he said he saw a fresh half inch deep cut along the shoulder blades of the dog which was gushing blood all over Fritzner’s house.

Fritzner claimed that he was in his bed with the dog asleep; and he smelled feces and sure enough the dog had defecated in the bed.

Angry, as anyone would be he then shoved the dog off the bed, before dragging it into the bathroom to bathe it.

He claimed that there was a chance when he pushed the dog off the bed that it had somehow cut itself, but he denied any of the claims of the caller that he had ever hit the dog in any way.

The officer could do nothing but take a report, and left the scene. The next day however another officer arrived to follow up on the incident at which time he noticed that the dog not only had the wound on it’s shoulder but a fresh series of wounds across the bridge of his nose.

When the officer asked Julian Fritzner about the wounds Fritzner claimed that when he had shoved the dog off the bed it was possible it landed on glass and cut itself.

The officer then began inspecting the dog at which time he noticed cuts all over the poor dog, and decided to take pictures to document the injuries.

After gathering evidence to ensure there would be no confusion about past injuries during the next follow up be then face Fritzner a notice to comply and get the animal treatment within 48 hours.

Two days later another investigator arrived to the home to follow up once again with Fritzner when he claimed he had not taken the dog to receive any medical treatment.

Once again upon examination the dog was covered in more slashes and what's described as bloody sores on the dog's ears.

Julien then claimed that “the dog's skin just started coming off” but offered zero explanation as to how that may have happened.

"When the investigator asked about the new and old wounds," probable cause documents say, "Julien stated, 'If I burned the dog you would know.'"

This response shocked the investigator who then noted in the report that he had never said anything to Fritzner about him burning the dog, and seemed to be a subliminal or unintentional admission of guilt to burning his own dog.

At that time the investigator attempted to convince Fritzner to surrender his rights to the dog over to Animal Control so that the dog could receive the medical treatment it deserves.

Fritzner refused the initial requests before finally agreeing that the investigators could take the dog but then said he was not surrendering his rights.

The dog was then taken to a nearby Veterinarian for treatment who fully examined the body of the pup and determined that the dog had multiple man made lacerations to his body as well as burn wounds that could have been done with a hot instrument or a blowtorch that were in his estimate between two and fourteen days old.

The final analysis of the Veterinary Office was that the dog indeed was a victim of severe abuse by the way of animal cruelty.

That's when law enforcement from the Tallahassee Police said they had the evidence to put a warrant on Julien Fritzner for Animal Cruelty.

Tallahassee Police then headed to Fritzner’s residence and placed him under arrest for the crimes committed against his own pet.

Sickening that anyone could do such a thing to their dog.


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Gerard No. 10477 2017-10-28 : 07:44

I'm wondering exactly how any times the dog had to be examined before it was clear this man was torturing it? I believe that felony animal cruelty is an option for prosecutors in FLA. Can anyone confirm? Very often it seems what happens and how quickly is determined by the attitude of the police involved rather than the crime. They got it right eventually, so good for them. Now let this clever bastard deal with the consequences, and make sure he and the case gets the media attention they deserve. If the dog is up for adoption, that would be good to know. Especially good to know.

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