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Secret Service Agent with JFK's Motorcade Believes Jackie Kennedy Saved by “Divine Intervention”

According to Secret Service Agent Clint Hill he was only 31 years old on the fateful day that President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas.

On November 22nd of 1963 as the world knows full and well JFK was hit with two bullets as Jacqueline Kennedy sat beside her husband as he was struck twice by bullets causing him to be Assassinated in front of the entire nation.

This is where Clint Hill comes into the story, after being assigned as one of the Secret Service Agents to Jackie Kennedy's security detail for the event.

Agent Clint Hill is the man that can be infamously seen during the historic film reel diving into the car and pushing Jackie Kennedy back into the seat shielding her from any impending dangers.

Hill believes that Jackie Kennedy was also a target on that day, and that by <i>”Divine Intervention”</i> he was able to get to her and save her from further threats.

He explained the heartbreak, as the world saw Jackie Kennedy picking up fragments of her husband's brains as if to attempt to <i>”put him back together again”</i>, in complete shock as to what had just happened to JFK.

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The world saw it, and it changed society forever.

When <a href="">asked how he felt about his life being in danger</a> too, Secret Service Agent Clint Hill said, “Well, that was my job,” with a bit of laughter. “I was glad to live up to my responsibility which was to protect the person I was assigned, which was to protect first lady Jacqueline Kennedy.”

Clint Hill is now 85 years old. He has lived a life of honor and service, and one of great struggle as well.

Despite his valiant efforts to protect Jackie Kennedy; Hill says he's forever been haunted by that day.

As the motorcade and all of the cars along with it continued to drive past the adoring crowds, Agent Hill heard what sounded as if something had exploded from his right.

He says he turned toward the sound, while slightly in shock but also trying to identify what had happened. As he turned back he could see President Kennedy was reaching for his throat but he wasn't sure what exactly had happened.

In a sense of panic and urgency Agent Hill ran towards the President’s vehicle, because he knew he had to reach the First Lady.

Agent Hill says that was the only thing on his mind, and that he did not hear the second shot as approached the car towards the first family.

He says he not only heard the next shot, but he felt the third one inside of his bones. That's about the same time he used his body as a shield over the Kennedy family to ensure that if a fourth shot came it would then hit him instead.

“I wish I had been quicker,” he said tearfully, as if to blame himself for the actions which he could not have prevented.

That wouldn't be the end of Agent Hill’s service either. He went on to serve four more Presidents Dwight D. Eisenhower, Lyndon B. Johnson, Richard M. Nixon and Gerald R. Ford.

After that service however Hill claims he struggled with depression and alcoholism, to the point that he would rarely ever leave his basement.

He remembers reliving those moments day in and day out, with a severe case of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; but during the 1980s that wasn't a diagnosis that was dealt with correctly.

At night Agent Hill would toss and turn and be covered in cold sweats thinking of how he could have possibly acted differently, or had been faster to the car, or maybe turned around and fired off a shot from his service pistol and hit the shooter; somehow saving President Kennedy.

A sense of guilt, undeserving, that out Agent Hill into what he calls the lowest point of his long life. He said that after spending multiple years alone in his basement, drinking away his misery; a friend told him that he had to change his life and clean up before he died.

God would shine upon Agent Hill yet again; he believes, to give him a second chance.

Soon thereafter Agent Hill gave up the drinking and decided to face his fears and get himself back in line with the importance of life.

He recalled visiting the site in Dallas, to confront the memories which had haunted him for decades once and for all.

He said he was a bit in awe at first, admiring the scene of which would forever change the face of American history. He described it as literally taking his breath away.

He would venture up into the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository, where some of the official records would have you believe Oswald fired the killing blows by himself.

Powerful. To be in such a position.

Imagining what Oswald may have thought, knowing that the strongest leader on the face of the Earth was privy to knowing that the President of the United States of America was about to die; by his own hands.

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The world couldn't begin to imagine what was going to happen as those shots were fired regardless of where they may have came from, and after yesterday's release there's less doubt than ever before that there were two shooters.

“I checked everything,” Agent Hill said. “Angles. What was the weather like that day? Where exactly was the shooter? Where were we? Everything. And I finally came away knowing that I had done everything I could.”

That's when for Hill he was able to put it all to rest, and move forward with his life in peace.

A memoir of sorts was written by Clint Hill after he celebrated his victory with peace and harmony, titled <a href="">“Mrs. Kennedy and Me,”</a> written alongside Lisa McCubbin in 2009.

He has since continued that, speaking publicly more often about the events that forever will be set in the stones of American history and blow in the sands of the hourglass of time.

“Very cathartic,” he said of his life and experiences.

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