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Florida Man Charged with Murder After Fracturing 2-Month-Old Baby's Skull in Violent Death

Investigators in Hernando County, Florida say they've made an arrest in a grotesque case of violent child abuse that lead to the death of a 2-month-old baby.

The Hernando County Sheriff's Office say they received a call from 25-year-old Miles Anchondo Sr. who claimed he took his two month old child out of the bathtub and the baby wasn't breathing.

After emergency 911 dispatchers went Deputies racing to the home to attempt to assist the child they found the young baby lying naked on the living room floor unresponsive.

What Deputies immediately noticed is that the child was dry which seemingly contradicted the claims Anchondo made when he called emergency 911 about the baby being pulled from the bathtub.

Deputies also noticed that there was marijuana in the living room, something that Anchondo apparently failed to hide before calling for help.

Emergency medical responders of course tirelessly attempted to resuscitate the young child and rushed the baby to the hospital.

For two days the baby was clinging on to life where doctors noticed that the baby had multiple skull fractures, bleeding on the brain, and fractured ribs.

It was beyond apparent that this child had suffered at the hands of a vile and disgusting animal who caused the baby great harm; and two days later the child died.

Anchondo was then brought forth into several interviews with Deputies where they stayed that he changed his story on multiple occasions.

In one of interviews, the Sheriff's Office said Anchondo claimed he first put the baby in a stroller next to the bed and fell asleep, only to awaken to the sound of the baby crying or coughing.

The baby was limp and motionless when he picked him up and that's when he put him in the bath, to try and help the child.

Anchondo also admitted to the Deputies that he had been smoking marijuana.

During his second interview at the Sheriff's Office, Anchondo claimed that while he was carrying his son, the boy hit his head on a door jam and fell asleep, but he didn't think it was a big deal.

Anchondo at that time admitted to investigators he knew his baby needed medical attention but he decided to wait for his girlfriend to get home before handling the situation.

The baby's mother told the investigators that she had noticed bruising on the baby and asked Anchondo about it. She claimed that he said the baby's pacifier must've caused the marks while sleeping.

The Sheriff's Office said Anchondo talked about a second incident a few weeks earlier in which he had claimed that while pushing the stroller back and forth really fast, the baby lunged forward and hit his head on the rails of the stroller.

Anchondo also said he dropped the baby on his head on a tile floor which could have caused the injuries.

Investigators say the autopsy report revealed a left parietal skull fracture, brain and spinal cord injuries of varying stages, retinal and optic nerve sheath hemorrhages, healing fractures of the right seventh, and left sixth ribs, recent fractures of the right fifth and sixth ribs, and pulmonary congestion, edema, and focal acute pneumonia.

The medical examiner ruled the baby's death was without zero doubt a homicide.

"The infant suffered ongoing physical abuse which resulted in his death," according to the sheriff's office.

Authorities issued a warrant for Anchondo's arrest on Wednesday and United States Marshals and Deputies with the Hernando County Sheriff and Pasco Sheriff's Office then took him into custody.

Anchondo is now facing charges of murder while engaged in certain felony offenses, and aggravated child abuse in which he will remain incarcerated without bond until trial in the Pasco County Jail.


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