By: Earnest Jones | 01-14-2017 | News
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New World Order Intend To Control Every Financial Transaction On The Planet W/ The Cashless Agenda

The Prime Minister of India Narenda Modi recently banned the 500 and the 1000 rupee notes, this move caused chaos amongst the poorest Indians. The 500 and the 1000 rupee notes are the two highest denomination notes in India, according to In what seemed like an excuse, the Prime Minister claimed that banning the cash notes would eliminate black money that provides no tax revenues. However, the cold and hard truth is the fact that he was covering up the true intention of the New World Order’s agenda for a planet where buying and selling anything is digital.

Scientific dictatorship architecture relies on a cashless society as one of the final planks. The malicious and evil globalist that are advocating for the NWO are still spreading their tentacles and claws. However, with the incoming president-elect Donald Trump, their efforts will be slowed down. The cold and hard truth is the fact that the NWO wants to employ robots and become eternal trans human gods.

They intend to keep everyone uneducated and sick by satiating the masses with tainted water, vaccines that contain mercury, chemtrails and GMOs. Its no surprise that the newest generation only knows division and war, common core and surveillance. This has brainwashed the millennials to buy and sell via phone, thus availing all transactions to the NWO minions and the NSA.

Controlling every single transaction requires they be digitized. In due course, cash will soon be outlawed. The India occurrence is not the only experiment that was conducted, 900 of the 1600 banks in Sweden no longer keep cash. Kenya has also been using a mobile payment system since 2007 known as M-Pesa, 19 million of the 44 million people depend on it. The Venezuelan President also intends to ban the 100 Bolivar note, claiming that it will fight crime.

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