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Ted Cruz Endorses Donald Trump

Ted and Trump's bromance was revived when Ted Cruz, the most conspicuous rival to Donald Trump since his comments in Cleveland, supported Donald Trump in a Facebook post. Ted says that his decision is based on two major reasons; last year he had promised to support the republican nominee and therefore he has to keep his assertion, second of all he claims that Hillary Clinton is entirely unsuitable. The Texas senator battled Mr. Trump in an intense fight, set apart by mud-throwing and individual affront. By supporting Donald Trump now - after all, the warmth he took for his "vote your conscience" stand in July - Mr. Cruz seems, by all accounts, to have gotten a glimpse of two facts.

Mr. Cruz has awakened to the fact that the chances of Trump winning the presidency for the upcoming elections are very high; this might happen despite Cruz not supporting Mr. Trump.

The second fact is that Trump seems to be bearing the future of the Republican Party and consequently Mr. Cruz surely doesn’t want to miss out on that.

It's certain that Ted Cruz will run for 2018s re-election and if Trump wins the election, that will pose a threat to his endeavor; he thus has to endorse Trump.

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