By: Earnest Jones | 10-26-2017 | News
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Psychotherapist Evaluates the Minds of Las Vegas Shooter’s Troubled Family

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It’s hard to fathom what drives men to the greatest extremes to commit heinous acts that are plainly absurd and inhuman at the same time. Take for instance the Las Vegas Strip shooting that took place on the first of October.

Bruce Paddock, the 58-year-old younger brother of Stephen Paddock, who was the perpetrator of the Las Vegas Strip concert that unfolded on the first of October was arrested by police authorities on Wednesday.

It turns out that the authorities in North Hollywood arrested Bruce on the grounds of possessing more than 600 images of child pornography.

Aaron Williams, who is a Las Vegas Licensed Psychotherapist revealed that it's possible that Paddock's deviant and destructive behavior may have started early and that their perception of normal was likely distorted at a very young age.

“What we find a lot of times is usually when people commit child pornography, in particular, they themselves were molested when they were young," said Williams.

Benjamin Paddock, who is the Paddock's father, is alleged to have been a notorious bank robber, who spent time in prison and was on the FBI's most wanted list. According to a report that was published, it turns out that he was largely absent during the brothers' childhood.

The third brother of the two, identified as Eric Paddock, spoke to media following the shooting, appeared to be dumbfounded at his brother's actions in Las Vegas and made no mention of his other brother in California.

It was also evident that their father showed no indication of mental illness, but Williams, without knowing specifics, says the potential for influence could still have been present.

"You know when kids are small and they see things in the home, they have a tendency to normalize, it's okay," said Williams.

It’s unfortunate that the three members of the Paddock family were all deeply troubled persons. This might ultimately provide more explanation as to why the October 1st incident unfolded like it did.


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