By Kyle James   |  10-26-2017   News
Photo credit: NBC 6

A disturbing scene took place at Miami International Airport when a man became belligerent and started shouting before resisting officers attempts to subdue him. Bystanders stood in shock as the man's outburst erupted and one person even filmed the scene.

According to police, the man showed up to the Concourse D check-in area and began to make threatening remarks to airport staff around 12:30 p.m. The footage shows the man, who has remained unidentified, angrily lashing out with punches at a responding officer before he is tackled to the ground with the help of bystanders. More officers arrived to the scene and cuffed the man. He was removed with a spit gag and bound at the hands and feet before being loaded onto a stretcher by medical personal.

A Miami-Dade Fire Rescue ambulance took the man away and police officials tweeted that the incident was under control. The airport is allowing additional time to travelers due to the delay caused by the police traffic.

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Anonymous No. 10365 1509017863

Hints: Close cut haircut, well tanned, dark beard. Large Band-aide….

ODD tho, checking Miami-Dade Booking photos (106) he's not shown?

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