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Tucker Carlson Reveals Security Guard Jose Campos Fled the US After Vegas Shooting to Mexico

The case surrounding Las Vegas just continued to become more and more bizarre as each day passes and at some point it appears that the common viewer has to look at the resounding continuous changes and lack of transparency coming from both the Federal Bureau of Investigation as well as the Las Vegas Metro Police Department and be in utter shock at the incompetence and repeated narrative changes.

Tucker Carlson tonight dropped another bombshell onto the official story now stating that the once praised as a hero security guard Jesus Campos not only failed to show up for multiple agreed up interviews with the media but actually fled the United States directly after the shooting into Mexico.

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Documents in which Tucker has been given from the United States Customs and Border Patrol exclusively show that Campos actually left the United States at some point directly after the shooting occurred because he has the evidence that almost one week after the worst mass shooting in US history Campos returned from Mexico.

So let's run this down again; Campos, who was supposed to have been shot and recovering in a hospital, left the US, and then came back a week after the attack through San Ysidro border crossing in San Diego County?

On Tucker, he stated, “ “Our source told us that Campos entered the United States at the same crossing in January of this year. At that time, he was driving his own vehicle, with Nevada plates. And yet in this document from a little over two weeks ago, Campos was driving what appears to be a rental car with California plates.”

Carlson also said, “Jesus Campos is the only eyewitness to the biggest mass shooting in modern American history. At the time he was in Mexico, the press was reporting that investigators thought Paddock may have had an accomplice. Why did authorities allow him to leave the country just days after it occurred, while the investigation was still chaotic?”

I'm having a hard time understanding how that's even possible. Keep in mind Campos was scheduled to appear on Sean Hannity and a multitude of other network shows where he just up and canceled recently, before finally appearing on the Ellen Degeneres show; which only further the conspiracy theories surrounding Vegas and especially Jose Campos.

If Jose Campos was hit with the type of high powered ammunition that Stephen Paddock used, it seems insane to say the least that he was able to physically manage a trip into Mexico, alone anyways without an on-call nurse.

It also would seem very unusual that Campos had left the United States when LVMPD had said in news conferences that Campos was a hero and recovering from his wounds.

Keep in mind many citizen journalists also said that Campos was inside of his home for days refusing to show his face and we all saw the armed security outside of his house.

Bizarre really doesn't underscore the insanity that's happening in Las Vegas and continues to happen.

Just today were told that Stephen Paddock's <i>”other”</i> brother Bruce Paddock was arrested for Child Pornography in Hollywood?

To make the case even more shocking be was allegedly wanted by police long before the Vegas Shooting even occurred?

Does anyone believe that the brother of the deadliest mass shooter in United States history was somehow able to elude authorities for a month plus as a wanted suspect and not to mention that we were never told that law enforcement was searching for him?

I have <a href="">my own theories</a> on that.

This is either the most incompetent gross miscarriage of justice in modern day history, we are being lied to outright, or this is a psyops of epic proportions.

All we know is lots of people have supposedly lost their lives and are still suffering from this incident, legislation for gun control is being pushed by both parties, and we still don't have answers.

Amazing. Truly.

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