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It’s unfortunate that the fraudulent Hillary Clinton has no respect for his staff. In a report issued by counselors working with the recently unemployed staff, it turns out that the thousands of Clinton aides and campaign staffers are being forced to leave Washington D.C., and head back home to their parents houses as they survive on welfare.

“There’s anger, there’s frustration, there’s anxiety, there’s burnout,” said Russ Finkelstein, a managing director at Clearly Next who has been counseling Clinton campaign staffers.

In a statement made by Anastasia Kessler-Dellaccio a 35-years old who quit her job at Sister Cities International to run Foreign Professionals for Hillary, Clinton staffers are in shock. Adding that some Clinton campaign workers say they’ve lost their bearings and are so rattled by the ugly reality that they are facing.

The Clinton campaign staffers are not the only once finding themselves in this intriguing position, so is the case with thousands of Obama appointees who’ll soon saturate the job market as they look for employment.

A report issued by Politico states that the demand for their services is at an all-time low as employers are shunning CVs that have to do with the crooked Hillary Clinton.

A statement made by Kessler-Dellacio says that, “I think people, myself included, are trying to figure out, ‘How do I recalibrate my dreams?’” However, its worth noting that not everybody has the financial flexibility to take time and figure out, hence, some Clinton staffers are left with no option but to move out to their parent’s homes.

In a shocking revelation, Mira Patel, a longtime Clinton aide points out that most of Clinton staffers are no longer finding the perfect fir, instead they are looking for any fit.

Clinton campaign has become such a toxic brand for anyone associated with it and the campaign staffers are still struggling with how to talk about their work. “Some of them are thinking, ‘Oh, am I going to be judged for having lost?” said Finkelstein. Others worry about sounding tone deaf when they try to highlight their individual accomplishments within the broader operation – though career advisers say that’s exactly what they should do.

“I have two sets of resumes,” said Kessler-Dellaccio. One highlights all her work fundraising and recruiting volunteers for Clinton. But after repeatedly seeing job postings looking for Republican connections, Kessler-Dellaccio says she “quite literally stripped out all of the Hillary stuff” out of her alternate C.V.

She added, “I have friends who even on LinkedIn have removed any Democratic Party alignment because they’re afraid if employers see too much Hillary stuff they’re not going to get a job.”

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