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12-Year-Old Boy Escapes Black Homosexual Child Rapist by Jumping from a Moving Car in Virginia

Law enforcement in Lunenburg County, Virginia say that a child made a decision to escape the clutches of a vile perverted sexual predator that could have saved his life, but also ended it.

Fortunately the young boy was able to free himself with only a few injuries that he will undoubtedly recover from.

It all began when 26 year old Eric Dante Harrison pulled over his car on Sunday towards the twelve year old child as he was walking towards broad street.

The young child was a bit shocked to see a heavyset black man in feminine clothing stop near him, and that's when police say that Harrison brandished a handgun forcing the child into the car.

As they were driving at a high rate of speed along South Hill Road, where the speed limit is 55 miles per hour, Eric Dante Harrison then asked the 12 year old boy if he could kiss him.

Clearly scared, and fearing this man may potentially do him harm the young child jumped out of the moving car through the window to escape.

A witness saw the boy jump from the car and immediately called emergency 911 as he began trying to assist the child.

According to police the boy suffered from both road abrasions and what is described as trauma to the collarbone, but he's going to be okay.

Harrison was identified by police based upon the description of him and his 2000 model Chevy Blazer by the witness which led the Police to a home on 49 Busy Lane.

Investigators say that Harrison admitted to abducting the twelve year old boy but denied ever brandishing a firearm in the process of the kidnapping.

Law enforcement say that Eric Dante Harrison is now being held at the Piedmont Regional Jail without bond charged with abduction with intent to defile and use of a firearm in the commission of abduction.

The Kenbridge Sheriff's Office is also asking for any other witnesses to the abduction or that may have information regarding any other victims of this clearly deranged pedophile male who's attracted to young boys to contact them at (434) 676-2453 to help put this sick creature away for a long time.


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Ericka No. 10337 2017-10-25 : 22:28

There are so many sexual predators out there of ALL RACES.

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