By: Kaoru Moulton | 10-25-2017 | News
Photo credit: Euth Welthy | Youtube

Malaysian Man Dies in 'Human Steaming' Performance

According to the police, in Malaysia, a traditional Taoist inspirational teacher performed a technique called "human steam" and died. He sat on a boiling big pot with a huge metal lid.

Mr. Lim Ba who is 68 years old passed away. On Monday he tried to perform this ceremony at the festival of the Chinese temple, then caused a heart attack and suffered a burn.

The audience who was watching this includes Lim's son. The lid moved, Mr. Lim had died. This performance was not the first for Mr. Lim, but it has become the last one. He has performed this performance many times since he got into this work as a Taoist. He was in a boiling pot to show that he was an immune man. Usually, corn and buns (to be eaten) were together with him when he performed.

Chinese Malaysians are about 1/4 of the Malaysian population, and most of them believe Taoism.

About 60% of the population of Malaysia is Muslim.

Taoism is a religion, but it very different from world major religion, like Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam. It is indigenous religion in China. In Taoism, it is said that "the way (Tao)" can be learned but can not be taught. If you can express it with words, that's not a "true way" anymore.


photo by HAMU

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