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Japanese Ladies Clubs Expand to Las Vegas

Ladies' Club, so called "Host club" is a female version of Gentlemen's Club. Customers in host clubs are women and men provide services to women. Most of the service is just having conversations while drinking (drinking a lot). The customer orders a bottle of wine or whiskey etc, from 50 dollars to 10,000 dollars (! and sometimes even more) per bottle.

It is after their business hours for hosts to pull customers' money out of their wallet. Most of the Host Club opens until early in the morning, like 4 AM. Then, the host asks his customer if he can go out with her "privately". It usually doesn't take much time to "fall in love" each other. It takes even less time for the customer to start spending a huge amount of money , like water, to keep her "boy friend" (= her favorite host) attention to her.

This is basically the business model of "Host Club".

Most of the Host Clubs are located in Shinjuku area in Tokyo, and some other area in Tokyo and its outskirts, and Osaka.

Most of the Japanese host club stores have an "first time only special pricing", which is usually 50 dollars which includes drinks, food and hosts'services. This reasonable pricing is being welcomed by some customers from all over the world.

Although the proportion of those oversea customers as a whole is still small, it is definitely increasing. One club puts a sign which says "welcome" in multiple languages.

PR of one host club says "Many overseas customers think that host clubs as just an entertainment place. Some Chinese wealthy customers give us big deals sometimes, but what they expect is just "sweet service" from good looking men.

Most of the Hosts do not understand English in Japan. However they have translation/interpritation App in their phones, and they just use them to communicate with oversea customers.

"Group Dandy", one of the biggest Host Club chain in Japan, plans to open a host club next year in Las Vegas. Details are still unpublished but say that they will send Japanese hosts there. The target is a local customers,of course, and they consider to make their show more gourgeous than in Japan.

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