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Australia Warns that Chinese Spies are Operating Clandestine Operations in College Campuses

China is not an ally, even if they're a trading partner to any civilized nation on Earth.

In fact they're actively perpetuating a Communist agenda much like the Cultural Marxist indoctrination you'll see in American Universities except China is doing the same in Australia.

Australia's Domestic Spy Chief has warned Universities and parents as well as students that they need to “be very conscious” of any and all foreign influences in reference to China’s spying efforts on college campuses across the nation.

China has a vested interest in subverting the nation since it is indeed the largest trading partner of Australian industry and if China can push their red-Communist agenda onto the youth they can incite protest and spark an anti-capitalist as well as anti-Democratic indoctrination into the young minds of Australians.

The Australian Security Intelligence Organisation Director General, Duncan Lewis, spoke on Tuesday to Politicians in Canberra warning intensely of the ongoing espionage attempts and foreign interference which he described as an “insidious threat”.

Lewis also said foreign powers were “clandestinely seeking to shape” the opinion of the Australian public, media organizations, and government officials “in order to advance their country's own political objectives”, a move that would likely help push China into a geopolitical stance if rebellion in a future war which having sympathetic territory will help ensure their global domination efforts.

The United States of America has to also realize the growing threat of red-China who by the mid 2030s is set to outpace the United States in military strength and at that time will no doubt attempt to conquer the globe.

American President Donald Trump has warned of China and their currency manipulating along the campaign trail but as President has not made any genuine efforts to reverse the course of trade with the sleeping dragon nation that is already economically winning the global trade war.

Despite Lewis not specifically naming China in his late night testimony to a Parliamentary Inquiry, when he was questioned about China’s involvement, he said he “strongly identified” with comments made by a Senior government official this month that Universities should protect themselves from Chinese influence; no doubt attempt to not break the strong trade alliance but also condemning them; another sign of China's strength in the world as no nation dare challenges the fire breathing powerhouse.

When asked just last week about the Chinese Communist Party’s overseas activities in places like Australia, a Senior official said that Chinese people who were indeed living overseas had to respect the laws of the countries in which they lived, and that if they did not they could be removed.

China is single Australia’s largest trading partner, with multiple business interests between the two nations set forth by a wide-ranging China-Australia Free Trade Agreement signed back in 2015.

Increasingly tense relations between Australia and China have been tested in recent months after the United States, Japan, and Australia voiced concerns over Beijing’s unilateral actions in the disputed South China Sea; a location in which the drums of war are being beat now for a battle towards the end of this century no doubt, based upon the going Chinese artillery and ships in the region including their continued artificial land building and island making.

It's no doubt a fiery world, and China seems to be the nation with the power to breathe the fire as the sleeping dragon awakens this century.


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Anonymous No. 10298 2017-10-25 : 09:03

Chinks are of course stealing academic secrets and infiltrating companies with minority quotas, they don't give a shit about spreading Socialism, the West and the Libtards are already proving themselves good at killing themselves.

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