By: Red Pill | 10-25-2017 | News
Photo credit: QZD Police

Violent Rapist Captured in Sydney After Taunting Police on Facebook to “Come Get Me MotherF***ers”

A man who Police are describing as a violent rapist has finally been captured south of Sydney after eluding them for the majority of the week.

The Queensland Police said that 28 year old Damien Kennedy earlier this week removed his electronic GPS Monitoring Device and disappeared off their radar.

Kennedy had been monitored as part of the 2003 Dangerous Prisoners Sexual Offenders Act which requires all Pedophiles, Rapists, and Sexual Predators to be electronically monitored to ensure they're not able to offend again.

He was arrested and sentenced in a Brisbane District Court on August 15th of 2008 charged and convicted of both rape and assault with intent to commit rape.

The rapist on the run stood 5’6” (171cm) tall weighing in at 275 pounds (125kg) being a white male with blue eyes and black hair.

Damien Kennedy was described as having multiple tattoos including “Southside" printed across his neck, “love & hate” written on his right inner forearm, “TROLL” printed on his shoulder, a full sleeve tattoo, an Asian character on his right hand and “RUN A” printed on his right knuckles and “MUCK” on the left knuckles.

He had last been seen in Salisbury on Monday at around 4:30 PM by friends and family before he made his escape.

It's believed he may have gotten further away if he hadn't decided to go on Facebook and taunt law enforcement from the Queensland Police Department in another display of a moronic criminal.

On Tuesday Damien Kennedy went onto his Facebook account and tagged his location in Rockhampton along with the Police Department where he said “Come and get me motherfuckers,” which helped pinpoint his exact coordinates and lead investigators to finding him.

Let's just be thankful he's now begins bars.


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