By: Steve Dellar | 10-25-2017 | News
Photo credit: Corpus Christi Sheriff's Office

Video - Corpus Christi Woman Arrested After Fight Video Goes Viral

Corpus Christi police chief Mr Kirby Warnke has confirmed that an arrest has been made after a video showing a parent beating up a student at a Corpus Christi high school went viral.

Please be warned that the video contains obscene language and very violent imagery.

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In the imagery, Ms Mary Alice Hernandez, 34 years old, can be seen beating up a teenage girl. No one knows what exactly set off the fight.

The video in question was uploaded by the mother of the victim, Ms Piñon, who put it on Facebook where it quickly got a lot of hits.

She wrote: "Please help me find this lady…my daughter didn't want to hit her because she didn’t want to disrespect her since she’s an older woman. This lady had the balls to do this after my daughter and her daughter fought one-on-one. I'm just hoping for justice. Last I heard she's left Corpus Christi and is hiding out in Houston."

Ms Piñon said in the accompanying text that the spat between Ms Hernandez and her daughter got started over a rumor that a male student had spread about her.

Her daughter had stayed after school for volleyball practice when it happened.

After being informed of the arrest, Ms Piñon wrote "This is great news.. And I feel the man and her entourage should have been charged for instigating the fight as well.. I'm just hoping for justice,"

Ms Hernandez was charged with assault causing bodily injury, she is held at Nueces County jail and her bail is set at $25,000.


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Anonymous No. 10300 2017-10-25 : 09:05

Clearly a missed boxing career there. Tough to watch indeed but man can she punch at speed.

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