By: Kyle James | 10-25-2017 | News
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Mother Of Officer Killed In Las Vegas Shooting Dies Of Heartbreak

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Officer Charleston Hartfield was killed in the Las Vegas shooting on October 1, two days after his funeral is mother died of a heart attack. Family of his mother, Sheryl Stiles, say she suffered a heart attack on the day of Officer Hartfield's funeral and fell down an escalator. She died two days later in the hospital.

A cousin of Stiles says the family are "Just devastated by this. It's unexpected." Stiles brother, Lewis Stiles, also shared his grief, "I was sitting up in the room crying. We came to bury my nephew and then the next thing we know, I have to bury my sister." Lewis Stiles said he came to Las Vegas to support his sister in her grieve and attend the funeral of her son Charleston Hartfield after he was shot in the Las Vegas mass shooting. Hartfield was one of 58 people killed when a sniper fired into a crowd of people at the Route 91 country music festival. Lewis brother also said, "It was important because it was my sister’s son. We has a lot of family from Louisville that came. She was on the escalator and she had a heart attack.

Clark County Coroner confirmed Sheryl died two days later after being on life support since the fall. Lewis said the next step for him is to get her body cremated and returned to Louisville where the rest of her family is located.

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lookharder No. 10345 2017-10-26 : 04:31

This woman's heart gave out, but not because she had a "broken heart". She was, quite obviously, very unhealthy. She was 56, but looked about 15 years older. The whites of her eyes were yellowed, which shows she was jaundiced. She was over weight, so likely had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and issues with high blood sugar. As a result of all these conditions, combined with the weight and an almost-certain poor diet, her heart was in terrible condition, as was her body in general. All these things weakened her heart, lungs, and other organs and muscles severely. She appears to have had poor dental hygiene, which is directly related to weakening the heart and its valves, and causing heart disease, as the bacteria from the mouth destroys the heart ( the same is true for dogs and cats, which is why their teeth must be kept clean). Her son's death was a tremendous stress on her, and a tremendous blow, and her body and heart simply were not healthy enough or strong enough to handle it. The body had no ammunition, in the form of nutrition, health, or strength, to fight off and neutralize the shock and the stress and still keep itself alive and functioning.

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