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Tennessee Fan Assaults Tuscaloosa Police Captain after Alabama Football Game, Gets His Tide Rolled

If there is one thing you don't do when you come to play Alabama Football at the University of Alabama, it's win, because Alabama Football is the best in the nation and at home they'll destroy you.

If there's two things you don't do, it's get drunk and assault a Tuscaloosa Police Officer, because well, this is the South and you're probably going to get your ass kicked.

After the Alabama Football game in Saturday, where Tennessee was absolutely stunned in a 7 to 45 loss to Bama; it's safe to say a few Tennessee fans went home on that long drive from Tuscaloosa upset and angry.

That's part of the pleasure for Alabama fans though, watching them cry out in agony after being Rolled by the Tide.

However for 23 year old Alexander August Anton (what a name) if Union City, Tennessee, it would be the start of his downward spiral.

Captain David Clark of the Tuscaloosa Police Department pulled over Anton in the 1400 block of University Boulevard at around 6:20 PM.

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The official disposition filed by Captain Clark states that Anton’s eyes were extremely bloodshot when he stopped him and watering and his speech was slurred as he began to curse profanities at the Tuscaloosa Officer during the routine stop, leading to Clark calling in backup.

Then he began to threaten Clark and slammed the car door into his side several times during the wait as well as struck Captain Clark's neck, face, and torso on repeated occasions with his fists which led to an obvious struggle just by judging the appearance of Anton’s face in the mugshot.

Clark wrestled with Anton and also judging by the appearance of Clark he didn't win the fight, and finally another officer arrived to the scene tazing Anton before the pair of Officers attempted to place him under arrest.

They say that while trying to place handcuffs on Antin he continued to kick and scream as well as spit at them, resulting in them having to place him into a vascular rear restraint choke hold that put the suspect into a state of unconsciousness so they could finally slap the cuffs on him and throw his drunk (and ridiculously sore losing) self into the back of the car.

After he regained consciousness he then began slamming his own head against the back of the cruiser and kicking at the glass the entire drive to the Tuscaloosa County Jail.

Upon arrival several officers then placed Anton into a restraint chair since he continued to remain aggressive towards corrections officers.

Court records state Clark had pain in his left jaw, right elbow and right shoulder because of the assault. He also experienced slight swelling to the left side of his face for over 24 hours.

Anton was charged with second-degree assault, public intoxication and resisting arrest as he was booked into the Tuscaloosa County Jail and later released on a $18,500 bond.

He's really going to be pissed when Alabama wins the National Title and as defending champions next year beats Tennessee yet again.

Roll Tide.


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Anonymous No. 10284 2017-10-25 : 06:31

Why does Goldwater post so much anti-black propaganda? smh

T. Rubin No. 10571 2017-10-29 : 11:45

Why are obsessed with race? You some kind of anti white bigot?

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