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Heroin Addict Couple in Utah Charged for Murdering 13-Day-Old Newborn

Nothing is more despicable than a low life piece of human filth who hurts a child.

Investigators in West Jordan, Utah say that two people who were supposed to be loving and nurturing parents did exactly that, with such painful neglect and suffering brought upon an innocent baby that the child is now in heaven.

Back on September 4th of this year 21 year old Dylan James Kitzmiller and 26 year old Maria Elena Sullivan gave birth to a healthy baby boy, who should have enlightened their lives forever as proud parents.

However just less than a couple of weeks after the child was born, on September 17th dispatchers received an emergency 911 call stating that the child was in cardiac arrest making both “grunting noises” and “gasping for air”.

Once Police and emergency medical responders arrived to the scene the child was immediately pronounced dead.

Official police records noted that there was <i>”bruising around the infant's eyes, his mouth, his arms, as well as an injury to his ears”</i>, which was presented to the County Prosecutor.

The home in which the couple were living in was a relative’s house in which Sullivan was living with Kitzmiller at the time in their basement.

Each of the couple were later called down to the police station for their own interrogations in the death of their child.

During the initial interview by Detectives Sullivan said that she had called a friend that night to say <i>"she needed a way to get away from Kitzmiller's abuse"</i> of both her and her infant child, according to the court documents.

During that interview Sullivan cried as she told the police that Kitzmiller was also <i>"using heroin every day"</i> and was incredibly "rough" when he picked up their baby, often times shaking and hurting the young child.

She stated that whenever Kitzmiller would become angry that he would grab the infant <i>"by the shoulder, causing his head to flip, and throw the newborn baby up in the air”</i>, according to his child's mother. She also said that several times he has both slapped and hit the baby in his rage.

However despite her attempts to victimize herself and the child Prosecutors said that Sullivan was just as guilty, writing in their charges that she <i>"continued to leave (the baby) in Kitzmiller's care and never sought medical care for him despite being aware of the bruises and marks”</i>, which showed them she didn't make any attempts to save her child.

During their interviews with Kitzmiller, he told the Police that both he and Sullivan used heroin on the day of the boy's death, and were regular users of the illicit drug.

An autopsy was ordered on the young child which showed serious neglect during his short 13 day long lifespan.

From the time of his birth on September 4th until the date of his death on September 17th the child went from 5 pounds at birth to 4 pounds at death in which the medical examiner wrote was <i>"a loss of about 14 percent of his body mass”</i> in less than two weeks.

An autopsy also revealed several injuries including what they said was a freshly fractured arm what appeared to be a broken rib and an injured spinal cord; of a thirteen day old child, which is absolutely sickening.

In conclusion the medical examiner also stated that the boy's brain was injured and showed signs of swelling, which they determined to be the cause of death.

We're talking about a thirteen day old child, again I cannot stress that enough.

These people, dare I call them people, are absolute monsters.

Now, the two are on the run, but have been charged with murder, a first-degree felony, and three counts of child abuse inflicting serious bodily injury, a second-degree felony in the 3rd District Court where a $1 Million arrest warrant has been issued for them both respectively.

Anyone with information on either suspect is urged to contact the West Jordan Police Department at (801) 256-2000.


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