By: Savannah Smith | 10-24-2017 | News
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Sanders Says Niger No Benghazi, Hits Democrats for Cheap Shot at Comparison

There is simply no comparing the 2012 Benghazi attack to the Niger attack on U.S. troops this month. That is as far as White House press secretary Sarah Sanders is concerned as she dismissed on Tuesday Democrats’ attempts to draw comparisons at the two events, describing such efforts as “cheap.”

Sanders is aware that the Democrats just want to slam President Donald Trump through the Niger issue. She warned through her guesting at Fox and Friends on Tuesday morning that: “These are not comparable events. I know that the Democrats want to make this a big negative attack piece against this president. Look, this is still an active investigation . We’re still in review.”

Sanders also praised the work so far of Gen. Dunford. She added: “I think Gen. Dunford did an incredible job yesterday kinda laying out the facts of what we know at this point, but to try to compare the two is simply a cheap attempt by the Democrats to taint this president.”

It was Democrat Rep. Frederica Wilson from Florida who first suggested last week that Niger could be “Trump’s Benghazi.” Wilson said she is a personal friend to one of the four men who were killed in the Niger attack.

A family member of one of the soldiers killed in the Niger ambush, however, refuted Wilson’s claims. William Wright, the brother of Green Beret Staff Sgt.Dustin Wright said he could not agree with Wilson’s beliefs.

Wright also reminded what made Benghazi so different. He said: “I for one having experience in these situations- I don’t see it as a Benghazi situation. That was very different, where Americans were denied support by Americans. And it was highly controversial. And that was not war. It was a diplomat and his staff.. This was a special operations detachment doing a mission that they were tasked to do and in a very hostile environment.”

Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Joseph Dunford clarified to reporters on Tuesday that air support didn’t arrive until two hours after the soldiers came under fire because they waited an hour to call for help. He also acknowledged that the group did not have real-time surveillance that could have seen the hostile forces preparing to attack.”


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