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French Citizens To Surrender Their Organs Upon Death To The State

Organ transplant marks a thin line between life and death, for the recipient, it’s such a crucial issue that people go to greater lengths to get body organs such as liver and kidneys. This has prompted France to enact a new law that makes all citizens automatic organ donors unless they opt out by joining an official refusal register.

As much as the French authorities have good intentions, they’ve gone to the extreme by enacting the new law which has taken effect from the 1st of Jan, the law states that French citizens will automatically surrender their organs to the state. However, this will apply for citizens who have not pre-registered their dissent on a national database.

A report issued by The Daily Sheeple states that very few people will realize this happened then look into the bureaucracy required to opt out and take the time to do it. Adding that this are the things that bring us closer to Soylent Green.

Its intriguing to note the fact that the new law which came into effect from the 1st January makes all French citizens to be automatic organ donors even if their family doesn’t approve of the donation. Previously, before the law came into effect, the law required people who wanted to be donors to opt into a program where they were registered. However, if they were not registered, the family would make the decision on their behalf, in which one-third of cases resulted their refusal to donate organs.

The enacted law works in the contrary way since citizens are considered donors unless they go out of their way to register in the National Rejection register.

A statement made by France’s biomedicine agency stated that the change was important adding that, “In the name of national solidarity, the principle of presumed consent was chosen. The law says that we are all donors of organs and tissues, unless we have expressed our refusal.”

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