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David Rockefeller , Queen Elizabeth, and U.S President George H. W. Bush Predicted To Die In 2017

The ultra-rich American billionaire and New World Order henchman David Rockefeller will soon face his demise, this is according to a website that has had a track record for predicting the deaths of 16 celebrities in 2016. The has provided some outrageous predictions that point out to various individuals who’ll soon shuffle off the mortal coil in 2017 alongside David Rockefeller, such include Queen Elizabeth II, the former US Presidents George H.W. Bush and Jimmy Carter.

A report issued by points out that made correct predictions concerning the death of American Boxing champion Muhammad Ali and Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro.

The experts of the renowned death predicting site have pointed out that the Queen, who is currently 90 years-old, and her husband Prince Philip, who is 95 years-old, will probably die.

It was recently reported by Buckingham Palace that the Queen was suffering from heavy colds late last month. Surprisingly, the monarch fell ill shortly before Christmas and missed Christmas and the New Year church services.

Her husband Prince Philip, has a heart disease and other health conditions, was also suffering from cold during Christmas. The has listed Prince Philip high on the site’s list.

The unnerving list also includes two former US Presidents Bush and Carter along with the 93-year old President Robert Mugabe who is the President of Zimbabwe. President Mugabe is a one of the world leaders who’ve been drunk with power, he’s been the ruler of Zimbabwe for more than 36 years. The former Pope Benedict XVI did not escape the unnerving list as he’s also listed among those who are likely to face their demise. has had a track record of making correct predictions, last year alone, twelve of the individuals on the website’s shortlist passed away, they included the former US First Lady Nancy Reagan. The site had also predicted the demise of the Prince Philip and Stephen Hawking. However, the two did not die.

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