By: Sanya Carter | 01-11-2017 | News

Hillary Clinton Admits US Created ISIS To 'Defeat Russia'

There have been speculations that the US government created ISIS. However, Hillary Clinton admitted that ISIS was created by the US and Intelligence agencies in an attempt to conquer Russia. A video that provides this proof has recently surfaced, it shows Hillary Clinton admitting that America funded ISIS before they became the monstrous terror organization that we know today. Hillary also admitted that she hates Russia following their intervention in Afghanistan. Surprisingly, the mainstream media is not reporting the fact that Hillary Clinton admitted in public that the U.S. government created Al Qaeda, which consequently led to ISIS.

Hillary Clinton is heard saying that the people of U.S. is fighting are the people that they funded twenty years ago in a bid to conquer the Soviet Union. Adding that the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan and the U.S. got outraged of that. President Reagan partnered with Democrats who led the Congress in endorsing the idea of recruiting mujahedin who would later be taken to Saudi Arabia and other nations as they import their Wahhabi brand of Islam in a move aimed of defeating the Soviet Union. The Soviets retreated and lost billions of dollars which led to the collapse of the Soviet Union. Hillary Clinton also warns that the U.S. to be careful of what it saws since it will harvest as she pointed out to U.S. funding the terror group, she said that it wasn't a bad investment to fund the terror group since it helped in the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Hillary Clinton is also heard saying that the U.S. walked away from Pakistan and Afghanistan in the past despite the consequences that it was well aware of. Adding that the U.S. had a huge trust deficit, since it was obliged to be fair, after creating the problem that it is currently fighting.

In an intriguing confession, Hillary Clinton admits that the U.S. thought it wise to create a force of mujahedin and equip them with stinger missiles and everything that they needed to eliminate the Soviets in Afghanistan. However, she added that, despite the success that the U.S. had in eliminating the Soviets in Afghanistan, it forgot that the trained mujahedin were fanatical and well-armed and as a result it created a mess that was not recognizable at that moment.

The confessions that Hillary Clinton made in the video that was recently unveiled eliminate any doubt as to whether the U.S. created ISIS terror group.

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