By: Steve Dellar | 10-24-2017 | News
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Video - Canadians In St. Johns Witness UFO Crashing Down

The St. John’s police received several calls overnight of worried residents stating they had seen a possible UFO go down in the mountains.

We have found a video for you captured from a harbor CCTV, and if you look closely you can indeed make out a shining object crashing down towards earth, which indeed seems to make contact in the end.

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An evening dinner at a downtown pub in St. John’s harbor which had a great overview of the mountains, Mr. Andrew Wilkins, stated that he noticed a flash of green light.

He said: "The whole sky just lit up. It was coming in at a 45-degree angle, coming down to the right. It was like a big green ball of fire, is what it looked like. At first, I thought, 'Wow, geez, that's a really bright firework,' but fireworks don't shoot downwards."

Mr. Wilkins continued: "It was pretty wild. I've seen meteor showers and stuff before, but I've never seen something so bright make it so close to earth … This looked like it may have actually made contact with earth."

Further, into town, Ms. Krista Godfrey gazed out her window that evening and saw the exact same thing: "I can, on a good day, kind of see Signal Hill. We often have planes coming at us, so light frequently catches my eye. I just happened to see something and at first, I thought it was a firework … But then I realized it was going down and not coming up like a firework."

Ms. Gofrey admitted that she thought of the Orionids meteor shower afterward, which passes yearly around the end of October: "It was certainly the biggest thing I'd ever seen in terms of a meteor or meteorite. I kept waiting to see if there would be a boom coming with it. But nothing happened."

Now of course, given the name of the island where St John’s is located being Avalon, if I were an alien (with an earth map), I would also shoot for that one.

Remember where you heard it first.


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Anonymous No. 10234 2017-10-24 : 08:15

Have to admit, that looks quite big.

Anonymous No. 10236 2017-10-24 : 10:22

If a valid meteor it will show up in the American Meteor Society Database.

It hasn't yet, so it is a UFO until then.

Anonymous No. 10237 2017-10-24 : 10:24

Or the International Website

Clarence Pelley No. 10252 2017-10-24 : 15:53

"Now of course, given the name of the island where St John’s is located being Avalon…." St. John's is located on the Avalon Peninsula, not an island.

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