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Off Duty Officer Calls 911 For Help But Gets Jailed For DUI Instead

Off-duty police officer Greg Sandel Jr. of Northern Kentucky was jailed for DUI after calling 911 and having this conversation with the dispatcher in Boone County.

Greg Sandel: I need some help.


Dispatcher: What's the address?

Sandel: I don't know where the hell we're at.

Sandel was driving his Ford pickup and had pulled over on Kentucky 18 when he made the call.

Sandel: Stop, Kim.

Dispatcher: You're in a Ford pickup?

Sandel: (INAUDIBLE) Stop.

The entire call lasted four minutes and the whole time Sandel was arguing with his wife and pleading with her to stay in the truck. The man's wife, Kim Sandel, said in the police report she tried to exit her husband's truck because of a "verbal fight." According to her husband, she attempted to jump out of his pickup while it was still in motion. Sandel admitted to the dispatcher he and his wife had both been drinking.

Dispatcher: OK. We've got the police on the way, but I need to know if you've been drinking.

Sandel: Yes, I have. Yes, I have.

Dispatcher: Are any weapons in the truck?

Sandel: I have a 22 in the back of the truck, but there are no issues. I'm a policeman.

Greg Sandel retired from the Kenton County Police Department in 2015 and the department even thanked him for his service in a Facebook post. Around a year later Sandel became a police officer for the city of Villa Hills in Kentucky.

When police arrived they arrested Sandel for driving under the influence as well as having an open container in his truck. Sandel's wife was also arrested and charged with public intoxication. Sandel refused to allow a blood sample to be drawn after refusing the field sobriety test as well. Both were taken to Boone County Jail and the case is pending the outcome of an internal police investigation and court proceedings.

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