By: Kaoru Moulton | 10-23-2017 | News
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Japan's Prime Minister Isn't Popular, Yet Won a Supermajority

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe 's ruling and opposition cabinet got two thirds in Congress at this election.

Abe dissected Congress and tried to break out of the cronyism scandal just a few weeks ago. It seems that he successfully got it. But that does not mean the Japanese are particularly enthusiastic about this "leader."

One of the worst typhoons was hitting at the election Sunday. Apparently, turnout tends goes down on a rainy day. Abe is eager to leave his name in history. One of his ambitions is a controversial revision of Japan's post-war pacifist constitution. Regarding objections of sudden dissolution, a great debate was brought about by experts. Some scholars called for voter abstention.

The Abe cabinet is having nepotism scandal and issues around constitutional amendment. Internationally, the relationship with North Korea is strained. People's attention seems to go for the North Korean crisis than the other domestic issue.

The leaders of Japan, Korea, and China once were all "second (third) generation politicians". (Currently, the President of Korea is NOT). Presently, Chinese and Japanese leaders are practically 2nd generations.

The election system adopted by Japan supposed to be more democratic and fair in nature. Nonetheless, in recent years more hereditary politicians tend to have been elected.

On the other hand, economical development is remarkable in China with "hereditary" leaders. But we cannot forget that Mao Zedong's grandson was just being kicked out from his privileged position because of his lack of qualities.

The second Abe cabinet will soon reach its fifth year. Hopefully, people would "pray" that Abe has enough "qualities" to solve the problems which Japan is struggling. Japan's GDP is being sucked up (actually going down) in these 5-7 years, and the population is starting to go down.


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