By: Savannah Smith | 01-11-2017 | News
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Ivanka Leaves Trump Organization, A Sign She'll Be Joining Her Father's Administration After All?

Not a few got disappointed when unconfirmed reports came out only days ago that soon to be First Daughter Ivanka Trump will not be taking on any official post or function under her father's administration. The reports said she will focus instead with raising her family. Her husband, Jared Kushner, instead will serve as senior adviser with a focus on the Middle East as announced on Monday.

Ivanka's many supporters and believers should not lose heart yet though as hopes are alive that President-elect Donald Trump's campaign " secret weapon" may still be given an official role to play in the Trump administration, after all. A good sign that could bolster such belief is that Ivanka has just stepped down as Executive Vice President of Development & Acquisitions at the Trump Organization. Ivanka has likewise resigned as the head of her clothing, shoes , and jewelry company. Most telling of all, Ivanka has also divested herself of all common stock in the Trump Organization.

Ivanka's move to disengage from her private sector and corporate ties could mean a lot of things- and possibilities. It could be a preparation for an official position under her father's administration. It could also be in support of her husband when Kushner finally assume his official post in the Trump government. Or it could be Ivanka's way to be free of potential conflicts of interest if and when she assumes many of the ceremonial and public relations tasks usually handled by a first lady, including hosting foreign leaders. It has long been speculated that Ivanka will be the de facto First Lady given her positive intellectual and personality attributes, aside from the fact that Melania will stay behind in New York to take care of son Barron, as he completes the school year.

Ivanka's decision to step down from her corporate roles in their family's business empire is a step towards the right direction as far as compliance with ethics guidelines is concerned, should she ever seek to assume a formal position in the White House or if her father offers her one. The incoming President appears to be every inch an " Ivanka fan" himself when he said his daughter is very intelligent, competent, talented , and that " nobody could do better than her." Trump has also admitted that some of his campaign policies especially on women issues and childcare were influenced by Ivanka. The incoming 45th President of the U.S. has earlier expressed his wishes that both Ivanka and Jared serve in his administration.

Weeks after her father's election victory last year, it was announced that Ivanka will make some advocacies her "signature issues" including climate change. She was reported to have played a crucial role in setting meetings between her father and climate change leading advocates former Vice President Al Gore and Hollywood top actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

Ivanka and Jared have successfully completed their house hunting in the Washington DC area and their whole family is set to move residence from New York straight to the neighborhood near the seat of power.

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