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Oakland, California Man Beaten to Death by a Baseball Bat; Time to Discuss Bat Bans?

California has one of the nation's highest homicide rates per capita and that's something that occurs in every Southern California city across the state.

The incredible levels of violence in California are widespread and endless, but when it comes to Oakland; it appears there's an ongoing issue with fatalities occurring at the hands of criminals using blunt force weaponry and on specific baseball bats.

According to local media <a href="">The Mercury News </a>a violent confrontation on Sunday ended with one man dead.

Investigators in the Uptown District of Oakland say that the perpetrator, a 28-year-old who remains unnamed until he appears in court; beat a 42-year-old victim to date with a baseball bat near the 1900 block of Telegraph Avenue at around 5 PM.

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Several businesses occur in this district including the popular Fauna cocktail bar, as well as the Flora Restaurant and Bar.

Police say that witnesses were on absolute horror at the scene as the younger man went quickly from arguing with his elder to striking him repeatedly with the baseball bat even after he was on the ground.

Police quickly responded and detained the attacker without incident where he will now face murder charges.

Emergency Medical Responders arrived to the scene to transport the older gentleman to a nearby hospital but he was pronounced dead upon arrival.

Authorities also say they're still interviewing witnesses to attempt to reconstruct what exactly caused the fatal argument to take bat at home plate.

What's even more disturbing is that while this is the 58th homicide of 2017; this isn't even the first attack at the hands of baseball bats of the year, and in fact it's the second bat attack <i>just in the month of October</i>.

It seems California and America really needs to discuss outlawing baseball bats; and Major League Baseball Fans from across the nation would likely agree with a ban <i>in California</i>, of course to curb their increasing crime and increase their local communities chances of winning a World Series.

Back on October the 4th <a href="">The Oakland Press</a> reported an incident where a 28-year-old was hospitalized after a similar attack with a baseball bat.

In that case a 33-year-old had repeatedly attempted to crush the victim’s skull with a bat.

All across the country there appears to be an epidemic of Baseball Bat attacks that are taking countless numbers of lives.

It's time that we as Americans have a serious conversation about the deadly implications of Baseball Bats and how we could save lives by outlawing them; starting in California of course, making anyone carrying them a felon.

We might need to ban the accessories used to make them even more deadly, including gloves worn to add grip to holding the bats and possibly even wood oil for wooden bats that increase their aerodynamic ability.

We have to save lives.

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