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38 Women Accuse ‘Bugsy’ Writer Toback of Sexual Harassment

The 72 year old writer and director James Toback (pictured with Alec Baldwin and (child rapist) Roman Polanski), who is most known for his Oscar nomination for writing ‘Bugsy’ was accused by no less than 38 women for sexual harassment which spans a period of 3 decades.

Mr Toback denies the allegations and says he either never met any of the women in question or, if he did, it "was for five minutes and have no recollection".

The report, which was published by the Los Angeles Times, details meetings that would start on New York streets where he would introduce himself and promise the girls stardom. According to the multiple accounts, Mr Toback would afterwards end those meetings with sexual questions or, just like Mr Harvey Weinstein, masturbate in front of them or simulate intercourse.

One of the women who came out with the allegations is Ms Louise Post, guitarist and vocalist for the band Veruca Salt, as well as "As the World Turns" actress Ms Terri Conn.

Another actress, Ms Echo Danon, recalls an incident of the set of "Black and White" where Mr Toback said that he would immediately ejaculate if she just pinched his nipples.

Ms Danon said: "Everyone wants to work, so they put up with it. That's why I put up with it. Because I was hoping to get another job."

Lesser known than Mr Weinstein, Mr Toback still had a successful four-decade career in Hollywood and seems to confirm a male-dominated industry flaw.

His greatest successes were with "The Gambler," in 1974 which starred James Caan. The movie was remade in 2014 with Mark Walhberg and Brie Larson to limited success.

Amongst his other movies are the Harvey Keitel film "Fingers," the Robert Downey Jr. film "The Pick-up Artist", the Sarah Michelle Gellar film "Harvard Man," and the Mike Tyson documentary "Tyson".

His greatest success came in the form of an Oscar nomination for writing the Barry Levinson-directed and "Bugsy," which starred Warren Beatty.


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Anonymous No. 10205 2017-10-23 : 18:14

Polanski, always Polanski.

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