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Law enforcement in the Bronx, New York thought they had their man in custody, but either due to recklessness on behalf of the police or just outright criminal skill they were disturbingly wrong.

Police had responded to a call for a domestic violence dispatch at a park close to a housing development when they encountered a suspect who then ran from them as they began to question him, and to their lack of surprise had both narcotics and a firearm he tossed during the chase.

23 year old Arius Hopkins was tackled and apprehended by law enforcement close to 11 PM in the Allerton section of the Bronx after officers arrested him on both possession of drugs and weapons charges.

Hopkins claimed to officers that he didn't do nothing wrong, that he was (insert lie here) and that cops were targeting him because (insert lie here).

As officers attempted to find the gun and drugs that Hopkins had thrown down, he was able to break free from the officers with handcuffs on behind his back; running on foot at such incredible speeds he got away.

Of course, Arius Hopkins couldn't just hide from the officers, but instead like an ignorant criminal he wanted to brag about his getaway.

That's when Hopkins got on Facebook to proclaim his innocence saying the evil racist police falsely charged him and began a series of rants on the social media platform which documents your location even if you tell it not to display it.

The following is what he posted (Spelling Errors are that of Arius Hopkins’) in a series of rants to his profile, there's two total posts; ones an embed where you can interact with his post and the other is a still image in case he deletes it later.

<iframe src="" width="500" height="269" style="border:none;overflow:hidden" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" allowTransparency="true"></iframe>

<img src="" style="max-height:640px;max-width:360px;">

Some of the followers or family and friends of Arius Hopkins made derogatory comments about law enforcement and others made comments giving Hopkins praise for his criminal nature and fleeing the police.

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Of course it didn't take long for someone who Arius Hopkins had likely screwed over in life to see the posts and contact Bronx Police.

Then Facebook quickly provided the GPS coordinates to officers who hunted down the fugitive and took him into custody again without incident.

That wasn't enough for Hopkins though, who now claims the police <i>threatened his life</i> when they arrested him the second time, still denying he had done anything wrong.

A quick search on Arius Hopkins shows that he's been in jail a whopping 17 times prior to the current events, yet he still believes he's innocent posting on Facebook that he's <i>”Just A Young Black Man That's Been Racially Profiled, Like Every Other Time”</i>, despite having the seventeen previous run ins.

To be honest this is common thug mentality and intellect.

Hopkins will now remain behind bars without bond since he chose to flee law enforcement, and will be in court later this month.

Not that the original officers deserve any credit for allowing him to escape, and they don't at all because that's utterly incompetent on behest of their badges, but this guy's deserving of being imprisoned with his dangerous record and attitude.


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james No. 10214 1508794757

this article was racist and you should be ashamed of yourself, nowhere in the police report say they found any drugs or guns on the kid but because he had old run ins with the law he belongs behind bars?

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