By: Kaoru Moulton | 10-23-2017 | News
Photo credit: Westmoreland County Prison

Pennsylvania Man Imprisoned for Selling Heroin in Maternity Ward

A man in Pennsylvania was imprisoned for selling heroin in a room of a maternity ward of a hospital where people were visiting their newborn babies.

25-year-old Cody Hulse was arrested on Friday for charges of heroin delivery and risking child welfare.

The police went to the maternity room and discovered that heroin was being sold.Police said that Hals' girlfriend, baby's mother, did not know about drug trading.

Do you think drug dealing is something to do with some crazy / poor people? Like homeless people, or drug addicts.

In the middle class income house holds of the United States, the spread of heroin has been becoming a dangerously serious problem, especially for good, upper middle family. It says that all starts from Prescription medication.

You may have headache. Menstrual pain. Low back pain. Shoulder pain. Muscle pain caused by sports.

One day your child receives a couple of pills from his/her friend. "This is a prescription medicine, so no worry." That is the starting of everything. Starting of nightmare. Even if it is "prescription medicine" from hospitacl, you may know how hard hitting it is for teenagers. It gives you "Drunkenness". Kids love it.

Median household income in Pennsylvania is $55,702 in 2015. 21/50. More than Texas, Florida, Arizona, Ohio and Michigan.


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Sandy No. 10226 2017-10-24 : 03:34

Addiction & buying heroin does NOT start from prescription pain medication.

Addiction is a DISEASE. Saying taking pain medication is going to magically turn you into an addict is like saying ANYONE who gets sad over something will become CLINICALLY depressed. Smdh! The misinformation, lies and twisted facts spread by the media are HURTING chronic pain patients!

And RIDICULOUS LEGISLATION causes people to buy heroin. See, when the government thinks they know better than your doctor, they force the doctor to lower doses or stop pain medication that a patient needs just because they FALSLY believe pain pills CAUSE addiction which is a DISEASE. So the patient, in unbearable pain, has no other options but to look for pain relief in the streets. This BS WAR on opioids is MAKING addiction and heroin use WORSE!

Only 2% of people prescribed opioid therapy develop an addiction to their medication. TWO PERCENT. 97% NEVER GET ADDICTED. So millions of chronic pain patients are made to needlessly suffer because of TWO PERCENT! It's WRONG the whole way they are going about this is WRONG.

And I take HUGE offense to this article implying that the POOR and Lower class are "bad" and more likely to be addicts. ADDICTION IS A DISEASE. Diseases do not see your financial status or social status. FFS!

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