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Reports from the Greek Press said that the head of the Russian Consular service in Athens was found dead in his downtown apartment located in Athens. Fortunately, the case is different from the recent assassination of the Russian ambassador in Ankara, in this case, preliminary reports said that the death was not caused by a criminal act.

Andrei Melanin was 55-years-old, he was found dead on Monday afternoon in his apartment on Herod Atticus Road. Following the unfortunate incidence, local authorities and a coroner were dispatched to the site where Melanin passed away. Melanin was found lying on his bedroom floor. The police pointed out that there were no visible injuries on Melanin’s body and there had been no obvious break-in to his residence, thus eliminating any possibility of a criminal act. Russia has lost several diplomatic officials in the recent past. The recent one involved Russia’s ambassador to the neighbouring Turkey, Andrei Karlov who was assassinated in December, the assassination was conducted in protest of Russian involvement in the bombardment of the Syrian city of Aleppo.

In a statement issued by Russia Zvezda, Melanin did not respond to calls and did not go to work. His colleagues were alarmed by the unfortunate incidence and that’s when they decided to go to his home, the police who were accompanying them helped them open the door which was locked from inside. Meanwhile, the police authorities are investigating the occurrence.

The death appears to be caused by abnormal causes as reported in Greek To Vima. Adding that the full details will be known after an autopsy is conducted.

Russian officials have confirmed the death of the head of the Russian Consular service in Athens who lived alone on a heavily guarded street.

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