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Red Pill Filmmaker, Cassie Jaye Gives Tedx Talk

Cassie Jaye recently spoke at Tedx Marin. The former feminist and filmmaker behind the award winning and acclaimed documentary The Red Pill has some wise words to share. Cassie was already an award winning documentarian when she decided to start working on an expose of the vitriol to be found in the so-called "Men's Rights Movement." Cassie found herself ostracized from many when she left feminism after taking a peek into the world of the Men's Rights Movement. What started out as an exploration into the rape culture and misogyny of the "manospere" ended with Jaye realizing that there are actual some very real issues that men face solely or disproportionately.

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Though she's admitted it may have been "career suicide," Cassie was driven to do an honest, thoughtful and at times heartbreaking examination of issues men and boy's face in <i>The Red Pill</i>. Her Tedx talk is essentially about the inherent dangers in trying to bridge the partisan communication gap. Two of the things I personally took away from her speech were the importance in letting the other side speak their piece. Without interrupting, without judging, without anticipating meaning. Just listening. Until we talk to each other there will be no understanding or common ground. Without understanding and common ground, compromise is impossible. Secondly, the inherent danger in reaching across the aisle. If you humanize your enemies you may find yourself dehumanized by your own community.

We are living in the age of hyper-sensitivity and turbo-fueled identity politics. Humanizing your enemy leading you to being dehumanized by your own tribe. This is a scary truth that works <i>for</i> divisiveness and strife. <i>For</i> the divide and conquer game-plan. If we can learn to communicate with "the enemy" across the table, maybe we can prevent our own ruination as a species.?

Cassie Jaye's excellent documentary <i>The Red Pill</i> is an amazing and touching documentary worth watching, you can also see the material that was left on the cutting room floor at <a href="">Cassie's YouTube page</a>. I'm a patron of hers <a href="">at Patreon</a>, so I get first dibs on viewing them as soon as they're released, but despite having enough material to release a second documentary <i>and</i> "Deluxe Boxed set" version of the original doc, Cassie wanted to make sure it was available to the public.

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Anonymous No. 10147 2017-10-22 : 21:09

What a bunch of fucking cunts, I couldn't even watch more than 5 minutes of that piece of shit. The red pill is much more than just your make-believe "gender rights" bullshit. The red pill came from things much more serious like historic lies, conspiracies, and political corruption.

Anonymous No. 10156 2017-10-23 : 00:41

Hey no. 10147, you must not be familiar with the use of the term "Red Pill" as it relates to MRAs and MGTOW. Actually it only LATER became more of a political term.

Anonymous No. 10157 2017-10-23 : 00:44

And btw, if you had an attention span maybe you'd have seen more than 5 minutes and realized what a great doc it is. There are a lot of issues where men's rights are totally lagging. You don't have to believe it for it to be true.

Anonymous No. 10200 2017-10-23 : 16:18

I love Cassie Jaye

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