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"To kill a Mockingbird" Nixed from Mississippi Schools

"To Kill a Mockingbird" is a novel published in 1960 by American writer Harper Lee depicting a trial against charges of assaulting a white woman by blacks in Alabama in the South. It focuses on prejudice and racial discrimination of surrounding white juries. It is often used as a teaching material in high schools in the United States.

The narrator of this book is Jean Louise Finch (nicknamed Scout). She lives with Atticus Finch, her father and city lawyer, assistant Calpania, and older brother Jem.

One day, she discovers that Atticus decided to defend Tom Robinson, a black man living in the city.

The six-year-old scout comes up to school, where she knows that there are people who do not know the rules of their city and that their value standards are different from hers. On the other hand, Father Atticus knows that he will not win, but while Tom is innocent guilty, he trys really hard to defend him for life.

Accruing to Sun Herald,this week it is reported that the admins of Biloxi withdraw this novel from the 8th grade curriculum. Kenny Holloway , School Board VP, states that they got claimes that some languages of this book "makes people uncomfortable".

According to a message on the school's website, "To A Kill A Mockingbird" tells students that sympathy and empathy are independent of race and education. Holloway says other books can works as well.

Wonder how many people complain that this book "makes people uncomfortable"? Do you think hundreds or thousands? Most likely, I assume probably "a few". If you are a dicision maker, and if you want to do something possibly contraversial , the best way to avoid to be responsible for the decision is to use this way. " I am not sure, but I got people's complains. This may not be what I really want to do." Great.

This sentence is also very familiar. "Other books can works as well" so it does not have to be particulary this book.

Well, Your neighbor can fix your refrigerator and your cat. Therefore Vet is not really necessary. Great.


Published in 1960, the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel

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Anonymous No. 10161 2017-10-23 : 02:03

What a shame. I thought that Mississippi would be more tolerant than that.

Kaoru Moulton No. 10162 2017-10-23 : 02:27

Hey, thanks for your comment.

Mississippi is not the easiest place to make living.

Anonymous No. 10163 2017-10-23 : 02:29

Hey, thanks for your comment.

Mississippi is not the easiest place to make ends meet for living.

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