By: Earnest Jones | 10-21-2017 | News
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Naked Doll Hang as Part of a Halloween Display that Went from Spooky to Disturbing

An over the line Halloween display had neighbors thinking it had gone overboard by featuring naked dolls bound and hung on a tree, the display was far from being spooky and ended up being outright disturbing.

The display yard which was packed with witches, gravestones, skulls, life-sized zombies, and ghosts, coupled the whole display by taking a back seat to a number of dolls hanging from a tree with their mouths and feet wrapped in duct tape.

It turns out that neighbor Marilyn Yoe expressed her love for the display after she revealed that she likes Halloween decorations, although her neighbor's display went to the extreme.

"I think they're cute when they're spooky, but I don't like hers," Yoe said. "My grandkids say why would you hang babies in a tree? That's no Halloween."

The display has been questioned by several people who reside in the same premise, like Yoe, they all questioned the appropriateness of exhibition to the eyes of the public.

"I think it's disgusting," KC Gibson said. "You see all the ghosts and jack-o'-lanterns on people's porches and then dolls representing little kids being hung from a tree, and that's not what Halloween is about."

Police authorities in Plymouth received multiple calls from people complaining about the display, although it doesn't break any laws of the state.

Despite the dislike expressed by Yoe, she revealed that she is okay with her neighbor leaving it on display.

"She can put anything in her yard she wants," Yoe said. "It's her house. If I don't like it, I don't have to look at it. I think she's a nice neighbor. I just don't choose to like her decoration."

The occupants of the house are alleged to have gone on vacation to Disney World, however, the dolls were removed by a concerned relative of the family.


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Anonymous No. 10091 2017-10-21 : 21:33

Jackolanterns originated as carved turnips to represent heads. People who are against this are full of horseshit

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