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When Amazon started to sell stuff in 1995, it was only selling books. Currently, there are few things that can not be purchased from online retailers. Even YOUR HOUSE.

One of Amazon's listings has been created with the heading "Pre-fabricated Tiny Home". Shipments were $ 36,000. Price is $ 3,754.49, but it has bedroom, shower, toilet, sink, and kitchenette living area. A completely insulated 320 sq. ft. would be yours. It has even heating and air conditioning facilities.

The structure weighs 7,500 pounds so you do not have to put a house on the minivan. According to Amazon's explanation, it is “perfect solution for a remote tiny home or vacation getaway.” There are sewer, water supply and electrical connection.

There is no doubt that the concept of living in a smaller residence, especially among elderly people, is becoming more popular. Smaller house hold families are sprawling across the United States ,with over the age of 50. Sometimes it is called "granny pods". Smaller house sometime better & ideal for people who do not want to live under the same roof but want to get closer.

There is also a small housing association. The Small Housing Association says that the spread of small-scale housing is exploding in trend.

Human life span has been greatly lengthened compared with just 30 years ago. It was 60 years old when people was retired. Now even if you are 70 years old, more people are still working in front line. With your life has become longer, your relationships that you create are getting more and complexd. Plus your society has become complicated. The more complicated the human relationship, you just want to be alone! It seems odd but could be natural to think that "I want to be alone" or "I want to live only with a person with whom it meets."

Do you know, people who live in a huge mansion have their own bathroom for each person. That is the trend of new "gourgeous house". They do not want to share anything in a huge house. People are getting into their own tiny shell.

Do you think this is "evolution" or "degeneration"?


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Anonymous No. 10093 1508628184

how many have been sold so far?

Anonymous No. 10095 1508629828

So they are rediscovering what it means to be Sears and Roebuck. Big whoop.

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