By: Earnest Jones | 10-21-2017 | News
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Controversial Mugshot: Oklahoma Man Turns Himself in Wearing Wig and Glasses

Loads of outrage coupled by lots of attention have engulfed a mugshot that shows an outrageous man posing in a wig and glasses, the suspect was arrested for domestic violence. “This was the wig that was used,” Brandon Harmon, 34, said. “You gotta straighten it out and work with it.”

The 34-Year-Old wore the wig and a pair of glasses into the Major County Sheriff’s Office and turned himself in after he was charged with domestic violence in the presence of a child.

The court records indicate that his three children were home at the time. The man is accused of pushing and holding down his soon to be ex-wife.

Social media is on fire after the mugshot went viral, however, this did not happen without concern.

“It simply was shenanigans on my part that if you look at social media, it was going to be an epic and savage 'Jailbirds' pic,” he said. “Jailbirds” is a local publication of mugshots.

“It wasn’t poking fun at anything. It’s just the fact of the matter if you’re going to be in a publication of 'Jailbirds,'" Harmon said. “It’s not about disguise. Look at the picture. It’s ridiculously funny.”

However, some didn’t take it that way.

“It was nothing to poke fun at domestic violence,” he said. “I’m apologetic in the fact that kids are involved in this. This isn’t a jab to anybody. So, I am apologetic in that fashion.” The man has remained adamant as he denies the domestic violence allegations.

The Major County Sheriff has remained silent about the use of costumes while taking mugshots.


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