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5 Texas High School Students to Face Discipline over Flying MAGA Flags on Social Media

Some people just want to Make America Great Again; and others, well… they just hate America and constitution.

Those people are typically Communists, who attempt to push cultural marxist ideological provocations into the minds of the masses with the intention of subverting America and Patriotism.

It's a common occurrence in 2017; where a specific tribe of indoctrinated radicals perpetuate a message of silencing their oppositions by claiming that they (the people responsible for the death of free speech) are somehow victims being targeted by people who are racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic; you name it

Just to be grossly generalistic, you could put half of the the country who believes in the Constitution into what Hillary Clinton calls the <i>”basket of deplorables”</i>, right?

Well that basket of deplorables has turned into an entire pond full of Pepe the Frogs in Texas, because everything's bigger in Texas; according to at least five students from the George Ranch High School in Richmond.

A picture of three of those five students recently began to circulate on Snapchat which showed the Patriotic students waving around Make America Great Again banners as well as a few Confederate flags; in an attempt to honor their relatives who fought and died in the Civil War as well as the 45th President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump.

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They're good boys and girls and they didn't do nothin’ wrong. Folks, they go to church and go to school and they're proud Americans who are upholding their Constitutional rights.

A few of the brazen Communists and Black Lives Matter racists got ahold of the picture, and then possibly started to spread it with an edited false flag caption which read the following:

"All my brothers n [sic] sisters of African descent. Now is the day to prove urself [sic]. Let these twitter fingers turn to trigger fingers."

The type of terminology used here is ignorant and borderline sounds like ebonics or uneducated filth, and it's incredibly unlikely that it was placed upon the image by any of the intelligent kids who were waving their MAGA flags.

One mother, who clearly wants to virtue signal against the white children at any opportunity possible said, "About the trigger fingers, which was very alarming, are they talking about guns? Bringing guns to school? Or is it just trying to get attention or what is really going on?"

The mother, who asked not to use her name or face (much like AntiFa folks, and I don't believe in coincidences) claims that she personally witnessed the teens this morning in the parking lot as she was dropping her daughter off at the school.

"I feel like it was a terroristic threat against the African American students at our school,' she said; revealing her cloak and her endgame big league.

Despite the cultural marxist propaganda and lies, a mother of one of the proud teenagers seen holding the flag says that this is a clear false flag and there are indeed crisis actors who have a progressive Anti-White agenda pushing the hype because the caption was faked.

"This has been twisted. The facts have been twisted and I wanted everybody to know that," she said.

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That same mother said that her family and her son, who's a Junior at the school, have all been the targets of the violent Alt-Left and received several death threats since this began; however nobody expects the George Ranch High School to do anything about actual threats upon the lives of White people; because they don't score brownie points and donations from international Communists that way.

"These were not our son's words, nor were [sic] our son's intent for anything to be said like this. Our family doesn't stand for this. This is not who we are," she said.

She proceeded to explain to <a href="">Local News 13</a> that she has spoken to every single child who's a Trump Supporter in the picture and they all say that the caption was added after the fact by someone trying to set them up; albeit none have any idea who was responsible.

With an adamant sense of honest, all of the students declare that they love their heritage and culture and the President of the United States of America and they'd never have used such racism in their image.

The mother said, “"My youngest son is… partially Hispanic so our older sons do not judge. We are a biracial family so we are not one to judge anybody else," she said, adding that this is a "learning moment" for the teens, where they've been redpilled by the Anti-White and Anti-American sentiment of the marxist provocateurs.

The Lamar Consolidated Independent School District however says that the students made a <i>poor decision</i>; which is absolutely insane that they're critical of a student's beliefs and exercising their Constitutional rights.

Can you imagine if a school told black kids that they made a <i>poor decision</i> taking a knee? Wew lads, they'd bring out rioters and possibly burn down a few cities.

Dr. Fred Black, principal at George Ranch High School wrote in an email to parents: "Please know that the safety of your children, our staff and all visitors will always be our first priority."

An LCISD spokesperson says the three students seen on the truck face discipline due to the parking lot demonstration. Two additional students face discipline due to the social media posts.

LCISD adds that it has assigned extra police on campus as a result of this incident.

Lamar Consolidated ISD says that there will be “appropriate consequences for the student's actions.”

I hope Lamar Consolidated expects a few appropriate lawsuits in return.

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Steve Jobs had AIDS No. 10053 2017-10-21 : 05:59

If Israel can have a homeland for their people, why can't whites? Or others? Diversity perpetuates racism. Multiculturalism is a failed ideology.

Anonymous No. 10068 2017-10-21 : 09:55

Liberals violating the Freedom of Speech… So were is the Social Justice Police?

James Savik No. 10219 2017-10-23 : 23:24

I hope they sue the living shit out of the school district. They have no business at all trying to enforce any sort of political discipline.

Rabi Nu Cohen No. 10316 2017-10-25 : 14:18

This is great. Redneck racists deserve this. These kids today learned a valuable lesson. Racism doesn't pay

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