By: Steve Dellar | 10-20-2017 | News
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Widow Of Fallen Soldier Releases Call With Trump, Says He Did A Great Job

Ms Natasha De Alencar, whose husband was killed in Afghanistan in April of this year, released the audio of the call she had with President Trump. She explained that she was very grateful for the call and wanted to make clear to everyone that President Trump does a great job as consoler-in-chief.

Ms De Alencar: “At that moment when my world was upside down and me and my kids didn’t know which way we were going, it felt like I was talking to just another regular human,”

Army Staff Sgt. Mark De Alencar, was killed in a firefight in Afghanistan on April 8 of this year during a firefight with Islamic State fighters in eastern Afghanistan. He was a member of the 7th Special Forces Group. President Trump called his widow to offer condolences four days later.

Ms De Alencar’s son recorded the call during which the President praised their dad, calling him a hero. The widow stated: “It was a moment of niceness that we needed because we were going through hell.”

During the call, President Trump said: “He is an unbelievable hero and you know all of the people that service with him are saying how incredible he was, just an amazing guy. I just wanted to call you. He was everyone’s friend, they all loved him. You know, just like you do. I mean he’s just a special guy.”

Later during the call, President Trump invited the De Alencar family over to the White House: “If you’re around Washington, you come over and see me in the Oval Office,” and then went on to ask about the oldest son, Deshaun, who plays college football at Missouri Valley College.

The De Alencar family decided to speak out due to the ongoing controversy over President Trump’s handling of the calls to other Gold Star families.

Mr and Ms De Alencar had been married for 15 years and had 5 children together.


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Lol John No. 10033 2017-10-20 : 22:53

Wow, Ruswsia is really pulling the stops out to back him up. A whole item on a phone call that was released that we get no link too. Smell of propagandage much?

Anonymous No. 10037 2017-10-21 : 00:53

Kek the faggot screwed up with the black soldier's phone call, so he gets a call he made back in April released so people can think he's a great guy.

Anonymous No. 10050 2017-10-21 : 05:03

10037 - Jealous much?

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