By: Steve Dellar | 10-20-2017 | News
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Google, Microsoft And Facebook Launch Campaign To Keep DACA 'Dreamers'

Multiple Californian tech companies are planning to launch a coalition that will demand congress to draft legislation that will allow young, illegal immigrants a path to permanent residency

(One could of course rephrase this paragraph and assume that the tech companies want to keep their cheapest workers rather than opening up those positions for normal US employees at a fair salary).

The Coalition for the American Dream will ask Congress for bipartisan legislation that will allow the DACA ‘Dreamers’ to continue their current employment in the US.

Amongst the signatories: Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Intel, Uber, IBM and Marriott

Intel spokesman Mr Will Moss: “We’re pleased to join with other organizations in urging Congress to pass legislation to protect Dreamers.,”

Uber spokesman Mr Matthew: “Uber joined the Coalition for the American Dream because we stand with the Dreamers. We’ve also held town halls, provided legal support and launched an online Dreamer Resource Center for any of our drivers.”

The action plan comes after President Donald Trump’s decision that the DACA program would expire in March of next year. The original DACA program, permitted by former President Barack Obama in 2012, allowed some 900,000 illegal immigrants to obtain work permits till congress could regulate their situation.

The effort to change this situation is spearheaded by a pro-immigration reform group, which Facebook Chief Executive Mr Mark Zuckerberg founded in 2013, called

Mr Todd Schulte, president of, said that: “No politician wants to go home for the holidays and read stories about how this is going to be DACA recipients’ last holidays in the US. You will see this continue to escalate until the end of the year.”

It is a public secret that Mr Zuckerberg is a major Democrat contributor who just last month had to explain on Facebook that his site was absolutely not anti-Trump.


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Susan Harakson No. 10021 2017-10-20 : 16:11

Please provide a list of all he companies helping illegals so we can boycott them.

Anonymous No. 10069 2017-10-21 : 10:07

It is a tricky and slippery slop to deal with offspring of illegals. As heartless as it sounds, I was taught in College Law classes. Once a crime has been committed, any following results are part of that crime. Thus it would or could be used to void birth right citizenship. However, it needs to be worked out legally. Do they hold dual citizenship, should they be required to renounce all other citizenship's? They be required to take an oath of US Citizenship. Should they be excluded from Federal Aid until age 25. Should they be required to pay all back taxes and Federal aid before citizenship is granted? ….etc… These are just a few of the questions that need to be addressed from a LEGAL, not Political standpoint.

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