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The brutal murder of a Collegiate baseball player earlier this summer flew under the radar of the mainstream media because the crime didn't fit the narrative they'd like to portray.

21 year old Zachary Joseph Finch was loved by both family, friends, and classmates at Kentucky’s University of the Cumberlands, where he had his entire life ahead of him as a bright burning star of hope and talent.

Zachary Finch was such a skilled baseball player that coaches and those close to him said he'd of became a Major League Baseball superstar, where he could have obtained legendary status with the talent he had; and his full ride scholarship helped to underscore those facts.

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Finch’s older brother Nicholas had said that Zachary had offers to attend any University in the country, but he had something in his family known as honor and loyalty; and because of that he didn't take any offers to leave the University of the Cumberlands as a promise to finish his classes studying Public Health and taking the team to the next level before he advanced into the Major League after graduation.

“Zachary, he was a champion, and he promised his team and the coaches that they'd make it to the College World Series together,” said Nicholas of his brother. “Zach just loved his team, he wanted them to go places they'd never been and he had the talent to make sure that happened.”

The Finch family had recently moved to Charlotte from Florida, where all three of the children were grown and attending different Universities across the county.

They had nothing but success and dreams in front of them, and Zachary knew he was going to not only graduate but one day play on the MLB fields in front of hundreds of thousands of admiring fans.

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That all changed however, in the blink of an eye, based upon the greed of three savage criminal lowlife murderous thugs.

Back in June <a href="">Zachary was intent upon purchasing a new cell phone</a>, and decided to be thrifty as a college student.

He was in town near Charlotte visiting his family and saw a device that he was interested in on a Craigslist style application called “Letgo”, where people sell used and new merchandise in an online marketplace and customers or buyers then meet to make a transaction in person.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Captain Chris Dozier had said that Finch went to an arranged meeting place to buy the phone he wanted, but that the sellers were never intent upon making a clean transaction and instead planned to rob the buyer regardless of whom they were.

The location where the meeting was to occur was supposed to be on the 2300 block of Farmer Street in Charlotte, North Carolina; according to cell phone text messaging records retrieved by law enforcement.

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When Finch arrived, the suspects, three black teenaged thugs believed to be involved in gang activity in the community, opened fire on Finch, an aspiring white young man with his entire life ahead of him, killing him instantly.

They didn't try and simply rob Zachary, they didn't just demand he hand over his cash for the phone; they point blank shot and killed Finch in cold bleed with zero regard for his life in any way, shape, or form.

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Officers arrived to find him lying on the ground in the front yard of an apartment. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Farmer Street is off Clanton Road in southwest Charlotte, close to Barringer Elementary School.

“As far as what the victim did, there doesn’t appear to be any type of defense or fighting that led to the shooting,” Dozier said. “The motive here seemed to be robbery, but to have this happen and have such a disregard, for such a young person to commit this kind of crime is disturbing.”

After the crime occurred the family was heartbroken, and in complete shock that Zachary would no longer live to fulfill his dreams and they'd forever be without him due to the greed of a handful of filthy animals.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department initially arrested one suspect, a fifteen year old male who they didn't identify based upon his age, for the murder of Zachary Finch.

When The Goldwater originally reported this story the Police Chief had told us that there were <i>”one to two more suspects”<i> that they're looking at, and we eventually found out that there were three teens total who arrived to rob and kill Finch.

Shortly after that report a second fifteen year old turned himself into Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police, and both were facing first-degree murder charges for the crime in June.

Now here we are in the middle of October and the <a href="">Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department have announced</a> they've arrested a third suspect, 17-year-old Demonte McCain, who's believed to have been the ringleader in the events the entire time and quite possibly the triggerman.

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Up until now, sources from inside the Police Department who have asked to remain anonymous said the pair of 15 year olds had “refused to snitch on the gunman”, instead believing that they could win the case in court since neither one of the two pulled the trigger and their attorneys had proclaimed they were not guilty.

Now the family has to endure the upcoming trial, after they've already had to grieve over the loss of their son.

Let's hope these animals are put into cages for the remainder of their worthless lives, am that some justice is brought to Zachary Finch.

The University of Cumberland Baseball Coach had a message to the family. "We're praying for them and we're there for them if they need anything," he said. "We loved Zack and he was a very important part of our campus and our program."

Johnathan Frisk with CMPD Crime Prevention says with the surge in online shopping apps, everyone should keep some tips in mind. "Recommend going somewhere with security cameras, somewhere that's well lit, and obviously somewhere where there's a lot of people."

Friends of the Finch family has set up a GoFundMe page to help pay for the funeral expenses. Anyone can visit the page and <a href="">donate here to help the Finch Family</a>.

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The family said the following:

<blockquote>”There are no words to describe the depths of pain and sadness a senseless and needless act of violence has caused for the Finch family. Zachary was taken far too young from this world, at just 21, and from all the people who love him so very much.”</blockquote>

<blockquote>”Tara, Jerry, Nick, Hannah, Sarah, Tony, Janet, Gina, Michael, all of Zack's family, friends, baseball teammates, acquaintances, and the kids he loved to coach all lost their sweet, wonderful, smart, loving, fun, talented, made-this-world-a-better place, heart-of-gold Zack on Father's Day.”</blockquote>

As a response to this crime, and the ever increasing homicides as per gang violence in Charlotte and across the country where whites are being murdered by savage black criminals in robberies, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police have set up safe-zones to meet for purchase arranged over the internet on sites like Letgo or Craigslist.

Dozier said police are working to partner with companies to provide places “that are certified safe, where people can safely prearrange and make transactions.”

Cities, counties and towns that have established such safe areas include Huntersville, Kannapolis, Carthage, Southern Pines, Cary, Apex, Durham County, Garner, Morrisville, Orange County and Wake Forest in North Carolina and North Charleston, Beaufort and Bluffton in South Carolina.

The most important message, Dozier said, is to conduct such transactions in public places if you don’t know the seller, such as the parking lots of police stations.

“If they’re concerned about their public safety, do not make that transaction,” he said. “It’s up to the person to make the transaction on their terms.”

While it may come too late for young Zachary Finch, it could save more lives in the future from the growing threat of racially charged robberies and violence against Whites who follow the law and work hard to succeed by black gangs who'd rather kill and steal than commit themselves to anything legitimate.

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